TMSTH Area Forum Constitution

'TMSTH Area Forum'

TMSTH Area Forum was formed in 2004. The Forum area is defined by the Throop & Muscliff and Strouden Park electoral wards. There are approximately 8,500 homes with 17,500 Residents. Forums were formed to comply with the Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Act, which contains a statutory ‘duty to involve’ and comes into place on 1st April 2009.


“FORUM MEMBERS” consist of:

  • All residents of the TMSTH Forum area.
  • All elected representatives of the Wards forming the Forum area, i.e., Councillors and Members of Parliament, whether or not they reside in the Forum Area.


  • TMSTH Area Forum is a non-political, non-partisan platform for Forum Members to make their views known and discuss issues affecting them. All Forum Members have equal rights, irrespective of age, race, religion, disability or sexual orientation.
  • TMSTH Area Forum will encourage community participation in the actions and policies of Bournemouth Borough Council, Regional and Central Government and other organisations, by identifying local issues, providing access to information and ensuring all sides are fairly represented.
  • TMSTH Area Forum will collate the collective opinions within Forum and take them forward to Local, Regional and Central Government and other organisations, as determined by the Forum.
  • TMSTH Area Forum will maintain strong links with local Councillors, Council Departments and Officers, Member of Parliament and representatives of other organisations, to ensure a two way flow of information.
  • TMSTH Area Forum will work to improve links with public sector partners, e.g. Police and Safer Neighbourhood teams, Fire and Ambulance Service and to promote public service information.


  • All committee Members must be Forum Members, however, elected representatives may not serve on the committee.
  • Committee will consist of Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer and up to 6 general Members appointed from the Forum Membership as required.
  • The Committee exists to set the agenda for each meeting, invite speakers, manage the running of Forum, collate information and reflect the opinions and responses of Forum. It does not act independently of Forum.

Forum Meetings

Forum meetings will be held at least 3 times a year. The AGM with election of officers will be held in the first meeting of each year. Extraordinary Forum Meetings will be called by the Committee, if deemed necessary.

Only TMSTH Area Forum Members may speak at Forum meetings. No other person, whether standing Councillor from another Ward, Council Officer or representative from any organisation shall address Forum unless by direct invitation, or by collective agreement at Forum meetings.

Meetings will be held in a central venue, with consideration to the size of Forum membership, average attendance figures, suitable facilities to ensure meetings are fully inclusive, e.g. seating, sound systems and visual display equipment and will therefore normally be held at Bournemouth School for Girls.

The Chairperson will have full control of the meeting and their decision will be final.

Forum meetings will be notified by delivery of the Agenda to every household in the area and will be advertised in local libraries and BHLife.


Any complaints should be addressed to the Forum Chair and may be debated at the next public meeting.

Forum Members must not behave in a violent, threatening or abusive manner at meetings.

Please Note:

The Forum receives council funding for distribution and venues, but it is totally independent of council policy.

It is a non-political, non-partisan platform for local people to make their views known.

Everyone's opinions and support are needed and will count. Could you help on the committee?