TMSTH Area Forum Meeting 10th October 2013
  • Item 1
  • The New Police and Crime Commissioner - His Role in the Community
  • Presented by: Martin Underhill
  • Item 2
  • Food Waste Collection Scheme
  • Presented by: Sarah Speakman-Jones, Waste and Resources Officer
  • Item 3
  • Shorts
  • Hospital Bus Hub
  • Allotments
  • Distribution of leaflets
  • Local Police Officers
  • Matters arising from last forum
  • Item 4
  • Residents Question Time
  • Item 5
  • Any Other Business
  • Item 6
  • Next Forum Meeting
  • Proposed date - 27th February 2014
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Item 1 - The New Police and Crime Commissioner - His Role in the Community - Presentation by Martin Underhill

Has been in post for 10 months and achievements to date considered to be:

Marine Community - This was due to be scrapped but has managed to retain half of section in alliance with local marine partnerships.

Recruitment of new officers - 12 recruited after previous 3 years had been no new officers.

Catching Criminals - was 20% , now 25% and target is 33%.

Volunteers - improving the process of volunteers signing up - now 1600 tier 2 volunteers including safe and independent living scheme and neighbourhood watch schemes.

Community Speedwatch - 500 letters sent

Community Messaging ( Ringmaster ) - new updated system has just been brought into use

Police Community Support Officers - 155 ringfenced in Dorset

Victims Bureau to be launched in 1 month which will keep victims informed of progress in their case and will be a new website which all victims will be able to use.

Community Engagement - the number of enquiries from public to the PCC has gone up to 6,000 from 300 which went to old Police Board. This shows that the public have identified the PCC as a place to ask questions concerning policing matters.

There a number of blockages to the running of Dorset Police as follows:

The old police stations are a big problem with many being not fit for purpose such as cells not able to be used due to new regulations.

The Community Justice Panel is in its infancy and needs to be set up across Dorset. John Adams is on the panel in North Bournemouth.

Boundary / Neighbourhood disputes are one of biggest problems and the current law is not adequate to deal with many problems.

Licensing decisions are also a problem as local board does not always have final decision.

Mobile date - There is currently no provider that is approved by Home Office so new technology cannot currently be used to full potential.

Road Safety issues are also a difficult area.


One of most important is crime prevention and early prevention for young offenders. There are currently 2 pilots trying to help with this.

Data sharing between all services is viewed as critical.

Currently working with Bournemouth University and have 2 interns from the University working with the police.

Blockages to area of crime includes breaking the offending cycle, dealing with mental health issues ( Martin is representative of PCC on the National Board dealing with Mental Health, and therefore has special focus on this area ). CCTV is a problem as only 3/14 systems in county comply with new guidelines ( fortunately Bournemouth is one of them ).


The aim is to have 1 Community Safety Partnership in Dorset


Is Boscombe Police Station too close - No

Q: From Anne Rey - In respect of abuse to children has there been any resistance to joining up agencies

A: Trying to get all partners around the table but biggest problem is communication as not all partners use same computer system.

Q: About drug use in prisons

A: Endemic in all local prisons

Q: What can forum and local people do to help

A: Local neighbourhood watch teams need to be more integrated

Item 2 - Food Waste Collection Scheme - Presentation by Sarah Speakman-Jones, Waste and Resources Officer

MRF = Material Recycling Facility which is currently taken to Kent with the non-recyclable to Canford

The new food waste scheme starts in March 2014 and waste bins will be delivered Jan/Feb

New multi-purpose vehicles are being purchased in order that both food waste and little bins are collected at same time.

Q: Not much room in some houses to put the extra container

A: No one will be forced to have the waste bins

Q: Is it beneficial to still do home composting

A: Carry on doing this as will still save

Q: Food waste used to be given to pigs

A: Not allowed under hygiene rules

Q: Will the food waste produce energy

A: The contractor company will sell to National Grid and this will be taken into consideration within the contract.

Item 3 - Shorts

• Hospital Bus Hub

The latest update is that there should be 42 parking spaces reallocated from staff parking to visitors ( but a lot further to walk )

Cllr Ron Whittaker - Is due to have meeting on 22 Oct with hospital trust to discuss parking.

Cllr John Adams - Is very hopeful that the parking spaces will be made available.

• Allotments

Cllr Ron Whittaker - Land in Muscliffe Lane has been potential for allotments for last 7 years but still nowhere near any final decision. (Bournemouth Council Officer responsible is Ed Alexander)

The Chairman of Bmth Allot Assoc was present (Mr Peter Whiting) who explained what was available in Bournemouth and in their opinion the facilities at Muscliffe Lane would not be as good as other allotments and much more expensive.

One member was worried that allotments would cause more traffic down Muscliffe Lane. Was explained would really be only a few cars each day if it happens.

Cllr John Trickett - The BCHA own land off Muscliffe Lane which is being used for sessions to learn about horticulture from Mon / Thu.

• Doorstep Callers / Traders

Forum Chairman Dom explained that there were several leaflets and stickers on the table and that Sarah could further answer any points at end of meeting.

• Local Police Officers / PCSO's

Steve Houston is in charge of Throop and Muscliffe / Northbourne and Wallisdown

Lee Farm is in charge of Townsend / Strouden and Charminster

• Citizens Advice Bureau

There is a new drop in service

• Distribution of Leaflets

On a show of hands about 75% of those attending said was because of receiving leaflet. Was a discussion on how best to advertise the forum and amongst suggestions was a list of email addresses and asking for volunteers to deliver to their own road.

It was explained to forum of problems with previous forum delivery and this forum's delivery was just to area North of Castle Lane. Cllr John Adams requested that next forum the Strouden area would be given priority. Was also noted that could not print leaflets from website.

• Parking Eastway

Cllr John Trickett said that there might be more daytime parking outside the schools in East Way following a change in parking restrictions.

• Damage to Gas Lights

Council lighting contractor was due to carry out repairs to gas lighting. The gas lamps are listed. Was requested that if any vandalism to gas lights was seen that this should be reported to police.

Item 5 - Any Other Business

Cllr Ron Whittaker - Reported that the mini roundabout outside Sandringham Gardens was to go.

- Berry Hill Bridge – Plan for bridge to go over Stour to Hurn side.

- Throop Church - New plans for a private dwelling in offing.

Cllr John Adams - To mention that Holdenhurst is now a Conservation Village and that this could be done by any other village area ( ie Throop )

Q: There are problems with the Mallard Road markings.

A: Cllr Michael Weinhonig - On schedule to be sorted and new lines are to be put down.