TMSTH Area Forum Meeting 18th February 2016

Item 1: AGM for TMSTH Area Forum

Item 2: Ian Kalra, Transport Manager, Bournemouth Borough Council, and/or a Member of his team, to address concerns regarding Castle Lane West cycleways scheme

Item 3: A talk by Sarah Watson, Bournemouth Borough Council, regarding Sustainable Food Cities, and including proposed new allotment site/s at Townsend.

Other local issues and updates include: Townsend Together News and Wessex Way.

Opportunities also to talk with your Councillors

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1st speaker: Ian Kalra, Bournemouth Borough Council Transportation Services Manager:

Mr. Kalra spoke about the Castle Lane West cycling scheme, including in the area of the Bournemouth School for Girls. He said it was premature to judge the success of the scheme yet and would need to wait until the summer months. However, before and after surveys have been carried out during term time i.e. before summer 2014, and after February 2016, which showed a 21% increase in the numbers of those cycling.

Mr. Kalra said that the following issues which arose during the design and construction phase have been addressed:

Driver confusion at signals when approaching from The Broadway (signal heads have been changed);

Cyclist-pedestrian conflict at Castle Lane West north side bus stop (buffer zone and bollards put in place);

Issues that remain to be fully resolved:

1. Drivers approaching East Way lights from the Mallard Road direction are continuing through on red (confusion or deliberate action?). The signals here are ‘primary’ and ‘secondary’. Those turning left into East Way are given two opportunities to move i.e. when Castle Lane West traffic is moving westwards and when traffic is coming out of East Way.

2. Regarding Castle Gate Close a left turn exit was added and there are now left and right turn exits. Bournemouth Borough Council are considering applying for an order allowing double yellow lines to be added at Castle Gate Close in order to prevent parking at the junction.

3. Toucan crossing, with crossing patrol: some drivers appear to be going through red lights when there are no pedestrians.

4. Cycle lanes: these are supposed to follow the direction of the traffic but some cyclists go the wrong way. This is perhaps a particular problem with speeding cyclists. It might be an idea to give out further cycling proficiency information in schools, including in foreign language schools (to address the possibility of people mistakenly cycling the wrong way).

Bournemouth Borough Council will continue to monitor the above issues.

Questions asked at the Meeting:

Q. There are health and safety issues regarding passengers getting on and off buses and having to step on to the pavement where there are also cycle lanes.

A. Bollards have been placed at bus stops to protect from cyclists the people getting on and off buses.

Q. Car drivers turning into Mill Lane do not give priority to cyclists crossing in front of them.

A. Road surfaces and layout have been changed in order to encourage an ‘intuitive’ response from car drivers. There have been 3 recorded incidents at this junction (I with car, 2 with cyclists).

Q. Cyclists were seen riding along a footpath at Yeoman’s Road in the dark, wearing dark clothes.

A. Unfortunately, some people do stupid things.

Q. How many people are reporting problems at lights?

A. People who misuse the road layout often are those who are continuing their previous behaviour prior to the layout change.

Q. There is a build-up of traffic at Mallard Road Junction, with people taking the inside lane – which is meant to be used to turn left – and then continuing straight on, by cutting back in.

A. The weakness with this junction is that the stacking length is short. Better signage may help. Enforcement cameras in place are to deal with speeding and not jumping the junction - not sure if funding is available for extra cameras but will explore the issue further.

Q. Buses are constantly cutting back in because they have to.

A. Will speak to Yellow Buses.

Q. (Cllr. Weinhonig): What about a solid white stop line on Castle Lane West?

A. Will look into it.

Q. Reduce turning right times at the junction.

A. Will ask about green signal times.

Q. When is the next traffic audit for the scheme?

A. Independent Safety Audits (ISAs) have already been carried out. ISAs are undertaken at various stages of the design and construction. The last one is due 12-18 months after the scheme’s completion, thus probably in the next six months.

Q. The overall cost of the scheme?

A. About £1.8m. The money has been spent on cycling improvements, improved signals, and reconstructed carriageway. They have tried to do it all in one go. The scheme has been financed by grants under the Local Transport Plan (thus it does not come from Council Tax).

If there are any safety issues, Bournemouth Borough Council will find money for necessary improvements.

Q. Suggest more frequent visits to schools to improve cycling proficiency.

A. Road Safety Teams – ‘Bike it!’ scheme – do visit schools. The Castle Lane West scheme was implemented because it was felt that there was a demand for cycling improvements.

Cllr. Anne Rey added that the school run contributes to traffic problems.

Q. How long has Ian Kalra been in his post?

A. Five years.

Q. The service road on Castle Lane West near East Way is used by cyclists. Why doesn’t the council paint a cycle lane on the pavement instead of encouraging people to ride along this unsafe road?

A. The service road should be fairly calm, but will look into it.

Q. Information on Wessex Way developments?

A. In summary, a few years ago the Government gave the Regional Assembly funding for such schemes. Now, under Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) there are ‘growth deals’ for small-scale schemes, particularly for transport schemes. The scheme will focus on the Airport, stimulating the local economy, and jobs growth.

As regards Wessex Fields there are three main projects:
1. A338 maintenance;
2. Further A338 work;
3. Airport Roundabout.

There will be a new junction and land development with a second entrance/exit for the Royal Bournemouth Hospital. There is a question as to whether the A338 Wessex Way will be widened from the Cooper Dean Roundabout to the Blackwater Junction with also improvements at the Junction. Cycle routes are also being considered to bring people to the Aviation Park Industrial Site.

The timescale is September 2018 to 2021.

2nd speaker, Sarah Watson, Bournemouth Borough Council Sustainable Cities Partnership Officer:

Sarah Watson looks after Sustainable City and Food Partnership in Bournemouth and Poole areas. The idea is to revolutionise the food sector, to improve access to food. One in five children in Bournemouth and Poole are noted to live in food poverty.

The scheme aims to help people improve their food skills and encompasses community gardens, cafes and co-ops. It works in partnership with charities and businesses such as ‘Sustainable Fish’ and helps address food waste issues.

There is a website which also contains a map of participating projects. For the next 18 months the scheme will focus on food poverty. The ‘Fairshare’ partner is currently helping about 1500 people in Bournemouth and Poole with food poverty problems. Related initiatives include ‘Healthy Start’ vouchers, ‘Holiday Hunger’ Clubs, lunch clubs, community gardens, ‘Casserole Club (where neighbours share dinners with each other).

As regards food waste, Sarah gave an example of how three pallets of Tesco Finest Bacon were discarded because the slices were slightly above the standard size. The food was used by ‘Fairshare’.

There are 12 well-established community gardens in Bournemouth and Poole. In Townsend, 35 households are involved in a project to establish a new community garden. There is a problem in finding a suitable site. Land next to the Cattery had initially been suggested but was turned down on grounds of poor soil. A site in Birch Drive was also rejected by Bournemouth Borough Council. It is hoped that a solution will be agreed upon soon.

Sarah Watson called for help with projects e.g. with cooking, waiter service.

In summary, the aim of the Sustainable Food Cities initiative is to address hunger, and to increase the number of people eating healthy food.

Q. What about food banks?

A. Sustainable Food City works with these but food banks are a kind of ‘sticking plaster’ approach. Nearly 50% of those accessing food banks near where Sarah Watson lives had full-time employment. This is indicative of ‘hidden’ poverty.

3rd Speaker, Beryl Parker, Secretary, ‘Bournemouth in Bloom’:

‘Bournemouth in Bloom’ started in 1983. There are two competitions this year, in July and August. Twenty-five percent of points are gained by people visiting the website. Beryl Parker encouraged people to get involved.


Cllr. Weinhonig: Councillors will visit the Roffey site on Throop Road, which is being sold, and any updates will be brought to future forums. Bradpole Road Post Office is being refurbished. He also said that Bournemouth Borough Council is working to address issues related to the Castle Lane West/East Way Junction improvements. He mentioned that a Woodbury Avenue crossing is on the list of the Council works for next year.

He also highlighted concerns over ‘legal’ highs and said that Government new legislation is expected.

With reference to the upcoming EU referendum, while not stating his position, he asked people to consider the impacts upon the local economy, including tourism and language schools.

Cllr. Rey: Thanked Ray 0’Luby and the Forum for the work they have put in over the years. She talked about the Muscliff Cafe which is doing very well. ‘Crumbs’ have been running the cafe between 10am-5pm, Monday-Friday, for some time. Cllr. Rey and Cllr. Clark would like to set up a Ron Whittaker Foundation to help local initiatives and would also like to erect a bench or create a park in memory of Cllr. Whittaker.

They are currently looking for volunteers to help with the area around ‘The Shack’. Unfortunately, they will not be able to run the Muscliff Fun Day this year, due to financial constraints.

Cllr. Borthwick: Yeoman’s Road resurfacing will take place. The Reformed Church, Throop, has been sold and the ‘Vicarage/Manse’ will be redeveloped. There is nothing new to report about Throop Mill.

Cllr. Trickett: Asked people to get in touch with the Council about potholes, which the Council will repair. The number to phone is 01202 451199. The Council does have a programmed approach to repairs.

Q. What about people living in camper vans?

A. Cllr. Weinhonig: Enforcement Officers are out and about, but it is difficult to actually prove that someone is living in their van. He has contacted Enforcement Officers about the situation, and urged others to do the same.