TMSTH Area Forum Meeting 18th June 2015

Updates on:
- Local Transport Plans
- Castle Lane
- Bournemouth Hospital relief road
- Castlepoint
- Community garden project and prospective allotments
- Community policing and property security

Opportunities to raise matters and talk with your Councillors / Police

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Councillors attending
Michael Weinhonig
John Trickett
Derek Borthwick
Ian Clark

Anne Rey
John Adams - current Lord Mayor

Committee Members
Dominic Coleman
Ray O'Luby
Jean Kirk

Wessex Fields proposed slip road

Bournemouth Council Transport Manager, Adrian Hale, informed the meeting that traffic congestion along Castle Lane East was an increasing problem to nearby businesses, along with the Law Courts, and for Bournemouth Hospital's emergency services.

Mr. Hale said that the council were endeavouring to find a solution which would not result in attracting further private transport to the area, and he stated: 'when you design around car usage you get more cars - the increased capacity soon fills up.'

The Council believes that there is an ineffective use, at present, of road space, and is planning, along with seeking staggered working hours where possible, to encourage walking, cycling and public transport to reduce traffic congestion.

Along with traffic flow improvements to the Cooper Dean roundabout it is also the Council's belief that a Wessex Fields slip road at the A338 is necessary for Bournemouth Hospital's emergency services. This area of Wessex Fields is also designated for commercial development, and is due south of the protected Green Belt zone. The purposed plan is for a raised, dual roundabout junction. Funding for half the junction is already agreed by Central government.


A local resident asked whether the council had considered the increase in pollution to nearby homes that would result from the Wessex Fields slip road at the A338, and the 2000 new jobs expected from further commercial development at Wessex Fields. She also believed that the proposed slip road could open up the area to other development in future, and she asked the Council to consider an alternative exit in the area of the Tesco Superstore on Castle Lane East.

Other suggestions from the public at the meeting included an exit for J P Morgan on to the southbound A338, and also affordable homes as opposed to more businesses.

Adrian Hale told the meeting that suggestions would be considered and that there would be full and open consultation on the plans in due course.


Geraint Griffiths from Bournemouth Council Youth Service gave an update on the future of Muscliffe Youth Centre, The Shack. Due to financial restraints the council will no longer be able to provide employed youth workers for the centre, but volunteers are being sought, along with revenue raising organisations and local sporting and cultural organisations, enabling the centre to continue. A problem concerning late night gatherings outside the Shack would be taken up by Councillor Borthwick who is to address the issue with the local Action Group.


Debbie Oldfield informed the meeting on efforts to defeat the increasing problem of cybercrime, mainly carried out by phone. She spoke about the various methods fraudsters are using, and how the police, working along with BT, have been able to reduce the financial losses each year, but that the public should remain on their guard, and report any suspicions to the authorities.


Questions regarding the cycle and pedestrian scheme on Castle Lane West, including the concern of bus users alighting on to the marked cycle path, would be forwarded by the Forum Committee to Bournemouth Council Transport Manager, Ian Kalra.

Councillors Trickett and Borthwick gave updates on other roads in the area, several being in a poor condition. Councillor Weinhonig is to follow up issues regarding confusing road signage on Mallard and Bradpole Roads, and the future of Longbarrow Allotment, along with the nearby proposed Sustainable Food City. Councillor Ian Clark reported that plans for the extraction of mineral waste from Parley Court would no longer be going ahead. Concerns regarding noise from the opening of a late night club at Dudsbury is to be taken up by Councillor Borthwick with Christchurch Council.