TMSTH Area Forum Meeting 20th October 2011
  • Item 1
  • Queens Park Junior School - The Future
  • Mr B Hooper - Executive Headteacher // Mrs A Prout - Acting Head
  • Item 2
  • Winter Warmth
  • Neil Short - Policy Development Officer Council - Environmental Health
  • Item 3
  • Shorts
  • Access to Forum Meeting
  • Police: 101 non-emergency telephone number.
    Anti-social Behaviour: Lead Thefts
  • Abolition of the Standards Committee
  • Cattle Grazing Stour Valley Nature Reserve
  • National Planning Policy Framework
  • Gypsy and Traveller Sites proposals
  • New Crossings to Muscliff School and Park
  • Gas Lights Holdenhurst Village
  • Television Digital Switchover
  • Muscliff Post Office Closure
  • New Leaf Allotments
  • Older Peoples Forum
  • Item 4
  • Residents Question Time
  • Item 5
  • Any Other Business
  • Item 6
  • Date of Next Forum Meeting - 23rd February 2012
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Item 1 - Queens Park Junior School - The Future

• Mr B Hooper - Executive Headteacher // Mrs A Prout - Acting Head

Forum Chairman:
The Chairman apologised that the following email was received on Monday 17th October, 2011.

Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2011 13:40:29 +0100

I am writing to update you on the situation regarding the presentation.

A number of parents have approached the school to ask about the 'future of QPJ school meeting' which is planned for this week.

We have received concerns from parents that they should be the first to be updated.

Unfortunately, as we only received the HMI report in the last week this has not been possible to do.

I will need to give my apologies for the meeting as I will need to ensure that the parents are informed first of the excellent progress we are making.

We intend to hold a meeting on the first week after half term.

I would be very happy to come to your next meeting and you would of course be welcome at the meeting at the school.

My sincere apologies.

Best wishes

Unfortunately, we were unable to contact Mr Hooper and must take his apology as read. The Chairman apologised again to those people who had attended Forum specifically for this item. We will ask him to attend on another occasion.

Item 2 - Winter Warmth

• Neil Short - Policy Development Officer Council - Environmental Health

Neil noted that it was easier to talk about winter warmth on a cold day (like today) rather than during the summer. On Wednesday 19th October, the "Fuel Poverty" report from Government was published. Neil prefers to call it "affordable warmth."

Fuel poverty is a real and specific problem that we need to do something about. The Council woks with other agencies, including the Hospital, Neighbourhood Watch schemes, the Police, Fire Service, Age Concern and Citizen Advice Bureau, etc. and help is there. Money and time are being directed towards the problem.

The definition of Fuel Poverty is if people are spending more than 10% of their income on fuel. They are working with the Health Service and G.P.s to pick up people who are struggling. The recommended temperature for homes is between 18 and 21 degrees C, but the chronically ill may need a higher temperature.

Help is available and the message is being spread through Forums and Councillors and other agencies.

What to do.

  • Ensure there is plenty of food in the store cupboard and freezer, so you do not have to go out in bad weather.
  • Younger people - be a good neighbour. There may be someone vulnerable thinking they have to go out with their library book, or who need milk, etc.
  • Ensure neighbours have your phone number
  • Have a Flu Vaccination
  • INSULATION in the loft and walls will keep in the heat we have paid money to produce. The Council, Government and the Energy Companies all have budgets to help the over 60s, over 70s or those who receive some benefits, e.g. Disability.

Neil had brought in leaflets - sponsored by the Council's Partners and those ringing the number on the bottom can get advice on how to make their homes warmer and how to get grants. Many people get free insulation or it is available at a small price that will be quickly recouped.

Grants are available this year, but these will stop next year and will be replaced by a "Green Deal," but it is a loan and will need to be paid back.

Neil exhorted people to find out now and there is lots of help.

Beat the Cold Leaflet - Beat the Cold Newsletter

Forum Member: The message on affordable warmth should go from the Council and its Partners to Chris Huhne MP (Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change) and to Shell Gas. We should stop spending money on wars and use it to support people. The Government needs to sort out the energy companies.

Neil Short: We have to try and work with the Government and lobby them to try and make them act in the best way forward.


Is this just in Dorset or is it a new grant and people find their own suppliers?


The Energy Advice Centre has a list of local contractors and it helps (the local economy) to try and build jobs into the contract and also is environmentally advantageous. Clients will have a choice about everything. There are no obligations about calling this number.


Does the advice include helping those who may be on the wrong tariff?


No - not currently. There are many switching services - people need to look them up independently. Also, some Partners will attempt to help. The Energy Advice Centre would speak to people about any issues.


Will there be grants available for solar panels in the future?


This is an up-to-date question. The Government used to give grants. There are currently good deals to buy panels outright, which will benefit from the energy generated and any excess can be sold back. If people are not in a position to shell out, some companies put the panels up and they take the money for energy generated (feed in tariff) while you get the energy for yourself. Watch the feed in tariff - if the Government reduces it in the future.


Loft insulation - what happens when vulnerable or elderly people need help to clear their loft?


This is not currently covered on the grant, but it has been discussed with Councillors and Charitable Partners. Health and Safety credentials (CRB checks, etc.) are an issue. The good news is that as part of a package, clearing lofts is now recognised by Government, so it will be a reality.


If some people can afford solar panels and so many people in blocks can't get the sun, will all electric companies increase their prices to make up the shortfall?


The Council is carrying out a study to see if they are cost effective. People won’t lose out if they can't have the panels and any equity will be shared with all other council houses in the area. The feed-in tariff (selling electricity back to the national grid) is currently 41p per kw hour and we pay 13p per kw hour.

Comment: The Government is taking too much money from us and putting it into wind farms, etc.

Response: Take it to Mr Huhne.

Item 3 - Shorts

• Access to Forum Meeting

Chairman reminded everyone that for security reasons, the School has asked us to ensure that access to Forum meetings is only by the East Way gate and not the main entrance.

• Police: 101 non-emergency telephone number. Anti-social Behaviour: Lead Thefts

Sgt Guy Nicholas addressed the meeting. His patch covers 4 Ward areas, Moordown, Throop/Muscliff, Strouden and Townsend.

Antisocial behaviour across north Bournemouth is decreasing and the Police work with partners, e.g. Council Youth Services, Education, Health Service, etc. At the start of the summer, there were repeated cases of walls being damaged. It was intended to prosecute the multiple offenders, but it was decided to take early action before there was enough evidence to go before the Courts to reduce the distress of the repeat victims. Those who were thought to be responsible and their parents were visited and the damage stopped. There are large groups of youths hanging around right across the area, but many were not actually creating criminal damage, but were using the area inappropriately. The Police arranged for parents and young people to attend an anti-social behaviour clinic, teaching them how their actions affect residents in the area and how to use the Parks appropriately. Some of the young people are now wanting to help the Police. The crowds and groups are dropping, but we still have Halloween and Bonfire Night to come.

Responsible reporting. Sgt Nicholas asked that people be responsible and the Police can tailor their resources in the best way. People have phoned in about "what might happen" where there are youths in hoodies and there was a Police Officer in the middle - they were just young people. If a crime is being committed, e.g. as when the walls were damaged, please phone or email with the descriptions and times, etc. and the Police can identify the patterns and tailor patrols to that area.

Happily, a group of young people from the Youth Club in Muscliff, who are wanting to find jobs, rebuilt the damaged wall on a Sunday morning - and did a very good job.

Lead Thefts have dropped from the start of the summer - this is a countrywide problem, not just here. Anyone seeing something suspicious should report the vehicle registration, time, description and number of people involved.

101 - The new non-emergency number, replacing the 222222. Representatives of the Safer Neighbourhood Teams from Throop and Muscliff, Townsend and Strouden attended and were handing out leaflets, cards and talking to residents.

If a crime is going on, call 999. If residents are for example, walking home and note the registration of a suspicious vehicle, phone 101, or email the Police, or contact their SNT on the mobile numbers. All of us are creatures of habit and criminals can be identified by their habits.

Halloween is on a Monday evening and Bonfire Night is a Saturday. All the Teams will be out and will be available on their mobile numbers and can get there immediately.


  • 07917 557229 - Throop and Muscliff Safer Neighbourhood Team
  • 07917 557211 - Strouden Safer Neighbourhood Team
  • 07917 557252 - Townsend (including Holdenhurst) Safer Neighbourhood Team

Forum Chair expressed our appreciation of the SNTs and their making themselves available at meetings.

• Abolition of the Standards Committee

Regarding the abolition of Local Authorities' Standards Board regime, due to take place in early 2012, a Report by the Government Department for Communities and Local Government last December gave as the reason for this:

"The Government considers that the Standards Board regime, consisting of a centrally prescribed model code of conduct, standards committees with the power to suspend a local authority member and regulated by a central quango was inconsistent with the principles of localism. In addition there is a concern that the regime is a vehicle for vexatious or politically motivated complaints."

However, the Report also noted that Local Authorities:

"will be free, should they choose, to establish voluntary standards committees to consider complaints about the conduct of elected and co-opted members. Such committees will, according to councils' local constitutions, be able to censure but will not be able to suspend or disqualify members from council membership."

Bournemouth Council's Standards Committee 2010-2011 Annual Report, June 2011, put the question:

"How will high standards of conduct by Members be promoted and maintained in future?

and notes that the Standards Committee is making recommendations to the full Council for decision.

Cllr Anne Rey: serves on the present committee, which has 4 elected and 4 independent members and deals with misconduct or misbehaviour in the Council.

MP Eric Pickles (Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government) feels local authorities do not need a Standards Committee, but different options are being offered and it may continue in some form. There is cross-party feeling that there needs to be some form of code of conduct and some way of enforcing it. Councillors sign the code and representatives from each party are on the committee. There could be retraining for Councillors or sanctions such as non-use of resources.

• Cattle Grazing Stour Valley Nature Reserve

Within the last few months, Bournemouth council have released plans to use land adjoining the Stour Valley Way for Cattle Grazing purposes. This was presented at the adjoining Forum meeting in North Bournemouth/Kinson. Because there was so much opposition to the concept, a separate meeting has been organised for Saturday 22nd October (day after tomorrow) at 10:00 at Pelhams Community Centre.

Members who use the walks may have concerns or opinions over this potential change of land use.

• National Planning Policy Framework

As some of you may already be aware, the Government has begun a process to 'streamline' the processes involved in Planning applications, the intention being presented was to make the planning system less complex and more accessible and promote sustainable growth.

When a number of us looked through the Draft documentation, we had concerns over various points relevant to this area, not least the statement that, 'if a plan is submitted that meets the criteria for sustainable development there must be a presumption to approve'

We made a deputation to the council planning board, asking them to make a pro-active stance to government to encourage refinement of this document, which they have done; we have also responded to the consultation, which ended on the 17th October, as Forum to bring these observations to the government.

Our Deputation, the Council's letter and our subsequent response to the consultation are all available on the website - Draft Nation Planning Policy Framework Consultation

• New Crossings to Muscliff School and Park

The Links to Schools Project - Muscliff Schools - Shillingstone and Chesildene Drives Zebra Crossings is part of an initiative being carried out in partnership with 'Sustrans' the sustainable transport charity to improve links for cycling and walking to local schools.

The council will install new zebra crossings on Shillingstone Drive and Chesildene Drive, as illustrated on the maps below. The excessive speed of traffic recorded in Shillingstone Drive, also means that traffic calming measures in the form of speed cushions are also necessary.

New Crossings to Muscliff School and Park Letter and Map 1 - PDF

New Crossings to Muscliff School and Park Letter and Map 2 - PDF

Cllr Ron Whittaker: There will be humps either side of the crossing in Shillingstone Drive, not Chesildene. The requirement for humps is due to the speed levels on Shillingstone. The Police have been brilliant and it is established the road would not meet the criteria for a crossing without humps. The crossing is just past Stratton Road and will help Epiphany School. He acknowledged the hard work done by Forum Members Chrissie and Catherine, who had raised a petition and campaigned for these crossings. It has taken just over 2 years, but with the help from local residents we now have good news. The funding comes from "Safer Schools."

• Gas Lights Holdenhurst Village

As we all know, Holdenhurst Village and Throop are lit by listed gas lamps.

These are much appreciated by residents and visitors alike, but there have been some problems over the last couple years. The lamps are maintained by Warren Gas Consultants Ltd and served by Southern Gas Networks (which is why we now see a Southern Gas cherry picker and an engineer in a white van doing the job that one man, on his bike with a ladder used to do). Holdenhurst has had no light at all in the Village for about 2 years and this presents problems both with security and health and safety.

The problem is that the gas main was at a pressure to serve the sewage works and too high for these lights. There should be safety valves fitted into the lamps and a new governor for the gas main. Southern Gas has earmarked the funding and work was expected to start in March, but it has subsequently been decided that the governor would be too intrusive on the sensitive land site which was originally planned and they are looking to identify highways land on which to install it. They have to get legal “easements” from landowners and are going through the process with the Council.

While this work is being carried out, Residents of Holdenhurst Village are asking the Council to replace lamp number 7 - they are still commercially available - and which was removed some 15 years ago after an accident. This lamp was on some very dangerous bends on the very narrow Holdenhurst Village Road and there is now no "line of sight" between lamps 6 and 8 making it extremely dangerous for pedestrians, joggers and cyclists who increasingly use this road for leisure and commuting.

The draft Core Strategy and the Local Transport Plan devote much space to calls for good street lighting for safety and personal security and both active travel and green travel choices.

In emails received today the Council Lighting Engineer states it was never intended to replace this unit and it would be difficult to justify the cost in what is a predominantly rural part of the road. The residents of Holdenhurst understand there are funding issues in this present climate, but there are two local sports centres and runners use this road in the evenings, summer and winter. There is also a marked increase in use of the route for leisure and commuting and it is part of the Stour Valley Way. I have today been assured that our local Councillors will be looking into possible methods of funding this light and Forum will report on this as soon as possible.

• Television Digital Switchover

The television switchover from analogue to digital is due to take place in February and March 2012.

Help and Care, with Digital Outreach and the BBC, is asking for volunteers and community supporters to spread the word in their local communities to identify older and disabled people who will need assistance from the Switchover Help Scheme.

The Scheme is run by the BBC and offers people aged 75+ and disabled people everything they need to convert one of their TV sets to digital.

If you feel you could help in this way, details are on the board and on the Forum website - Television Digital Switchover Volunteers Needed

• Muscliff Post Office Closure

At the beginning of October, the post office on Broadway lane closed. Discussions have been taking place between the post office and other prospective sites with the encouragement of councillors Ron Whittaker and Anne Rey.

An initial consideration of using the Co-Op to be located at the end of Broadway Lane roundabout with Castle Lane has been disregarded and we understand that a basic post office service counter is to be located within the 'One-stop' shop, also on that roundabout junction.

We hope to keep people updated through the website.

Ron Whittaker: He and Anne are very disappointed. They have had over 3 months correspondence with the Post Office, who promised to keep facilities within the Throop area. The Co-Op was negotiating and Anne and Ron pressed the Post Office for full facilities as in the West Moors store, but the Post Office has gone with "local format" services in the One Stop beside the Broadway Hotel. The One Stop is very small, so we must wait and see, but it is not what the Post Office promised us, along with full consultation. If you feel strongly, please send representation in.

• Older Peoples Forum

Ms Pat Lewis (ex Kinson Councillor) addressed Forum. She said the Older Peoples Forum was new to Bournemouth, but there are 55 across the South West.

As a Councillor, she championed the rights of older people and the Forum puts them forward. There was an overwhelming "Yes" to the formation of an Older Peoples Forum in Bournemouth and 30 people volunteered to be part of the planning group. 9 were chosen and between them have experience in finance, secretarial work, computers, communications and promotion skills.

The committee met last week and the draft constitution is nearly ready. The first launch will now be the end of March, so keep an eye open in BH life and the Echo.

The Forum will deal with issues that affect older people and Pat noted that loft clearance as mentioned in the Winter Warmth presentation, is a big issue.

• Gypsy and Traveller Sites proposals

Bournemouth Council has a statutory duty to make provision for Gypsies and Travellers within the Borough, in line with the 2004 Housing Act.

Prior to the last elections, the Conservative Party stated that if elected, they would make changes in their Localism Bill, but this has not happened.

Here we will quote Cllr Peter Charon - Leader of Bournemouth Council:-

"In Bournemouth, we are very disappointed. When we began this process, we had been promised a change in the law from the Government, that would allow local authorities to work together to respond to the needs of the travelling community - for example, by providing a gypsy and traveller site for use by a number of councils in one suitable location. This would remove the existing requirement based arbitrarily on borough boundaries, regardless of geographical size or availability of sites.

"In fact, Bournemouth has led the way in motivating local authorities nationally to raise this issue with Government as a priority - through both the Local Government Association, making written representations to our local MPs, writing to Ministers and even by meeting with Eric Pickles.

"Government has not followed through on its promise to allow local authorities the power to determine the right level of provision within their area, despite launching a consultation on Planning for Traveller Sites, because there is still no proposal to remove the duties imposed previously."

Having an authorised transit site available in the borough will mean the police can use powers to evict travellers who camp illegally on private or public land. They would then be required to use the available site or leave the borough. Having managed sites can reduce problems with associated anti-social behaviour and limit the detrimental effects on travelling communities' health, education and well-being."

End of quote

Most crucially, for us in our Forum area, if we do not supply sites, it makes the Green Belt very vulnerable as an Inspector would find in favour of them being a "special case" with regards to Green Belt legislation and Bournemouth would lose any appeal.

Also crucially, the duty to consider the needs of Gypsies and Travellers must be reflected in the Council's Core Strategy, which is due to go to the Government Inspector for its final stage next March. If it is not included, the Core Strategy could be rejected, which would leave Bournemouth wide open under the Government's new draft National Planning Policy Framework which states that where a Council does not have a current Core Strategy it "should approve all individual proposals wherever possible".. "where the plan is absent, silent, indeterminate or where relevant policies are out of date."

In anticipation of change, last year, Bournemouth Borough Council, joined with all Dorset Councils to share the cost of an independent consultants' review of needs and possible sites throughout the County. Their suggestions for Bournemouth are:-

  • 10 transit pitches on land off Park Road, Lansdowne (bordering the Wessex Way and public car park off Lansdowne Road)
  • Three residential pitches on green belt land near Erlin Farm, Muscliff Lane
  • Five residential pitches in green belt land at Careys Road, off Broadway Lane.
  • Eight residential pitches on green belt land on the edge of urban development at Throop Road, between Woodbury Avenue and the allotments. (The Catteries).

The sites were up on the board or can be seen by following the links from the Forum website - Proposed Gypsy and Traveller Sites in Forum Area

PDF Link

Accordingly, the Council will be consulting on these proposals from 18th November for 12 weeks, finishing 10th February 2012. Forms will be available in the Libraries or you will be able to respond on line via the Council's website.

The next Forum meeting was scheduled for the end of February, but with everyone's agreement on a vote, the meeting is moved forward forward to 2nd February, for a full discussion on this matter before the end of the consultation period.

This Forum has a really good history of getting involved and making a difference, so as usual, we urge everyone - if you want to make your views known, please take the time to respond to the consultation, continue to support Forum meetings and check out the website for all the latest information -

Item 4 - Residents Question Time

Question 1:

Forum Member very worried about the Traveller sites. She lives in a cul-de-sac and is worried there may be people in the community who are not aware. Will there be letters through doors?

Cllr Anne Rey: Ron and Anne will post their newsletter soon. They are receiving a lot of emails and people are collecting petitions which can already be sent in to the Council, but our Forum will do a deputation when the time comes. People can also ring planning and speak to Alan Cheeseman.

Cllr John Adams: There is a problem in the way information is put out. As Councillors they will have to vote on proposals, so they cannot be seen to give any indication of how they feel in public until it comes to vote.

Forum Chairman: This is an information exercise. Information will not be put out in either a positive or negative way.

Cllr Anne Rey: If people email their Councillors such as her or Ron, they will never tell people how to think, but will tell people how to take part in the consultation.

Cllr Michael Weinhonig: The Consultation has not yet begun officially. Any more information will be made available by Planning.

Forum Member: A petition has been generated throughout the Lansdowne, but will be made available for all, as a way of showing a loud voice to Council. The last application for Cambridge Road was turned down. Please also write personal letters to Tobias Ellwood MP and Connor Burns MP as a way forward.

Forum Chairman: The Forum Committee consists of private Residents, just like everyone else - we have no connection to Council. Whatever Forum wishes to voice - we are obliged to reflect that information. At the end, the petition could come back to us and we would present it at the consultation and subsequent deputations to the Council.

Ms Alex De Freitas representing the Lansdowne asked to speak.

Forum Chairman noted that under the rules of the Constitution, non-Forum members were prohibited from speaking unless Forum carried a vote to allow this. A vote was taken and there were no objections to hearing Ms De Freitas.

Ms Alex De Freitas is leading the petition for the Lansdowne and the business community. She has been approached by residents of Muscliff and Throop. United we have a stronger role to put across. Our role is to help the Council in its decisions making. The Lansdowne is the only site that has been short-listed. We have all seen the scenes at Dale Farm and we can't say this won't happen. Please join the campaign to save our Lansdowne. They will talk to Travellers. Website:

Forum Member: feels that when a previous proposal arose around the National Retired Nurses Home in Riverside Avenue, the Council was disingenuous on the consultation. He stated:-

1. The proposal as for 12 pitches, but they were not told this could involve 3 vans per pitch

2. It was not revealed the Police cannot move Travellers out of the Borough if no emergency sites (i.e. basic sites with just a tap) were not available.

3. When he put in a request to Council, he almost missed the consultation period as it was sent to the wrong address and he was obliged to respond in 10 days.

Forum Secretary: Stated that 2 years ago, she had been used by the Council as a "friendly critic" and had visited sites in East Sussex, Brighton and Bristol. It is true that as a "pitch" is designed to accommodate one family and sons and as daughters are given their own vans around 13 years of age (similar to bedrooms in a brick house) it could mean 3 vans per pitch. However, this is not that common. The East Sussex Transit pitches only had room for two vans per pitch. She had also seen a well-run Permanent site in Bristol (on the edge of an industrial site and next to a railway line) and the much-vaulted Bristol Transit site - which she thought was a dump supplied by the Council and unfit for human beings. She stated that if any sites are ever built in Bournemouth, the Council must guarantee they will spend the money needed to run them properly (East Sussex has a resident manager).

Cllr John Adams: acknowledged this is all very emotive. He pointed out that he is also a Magistrate and if Councillors stated their own opinions at this stage, it would be like him going into Court having already made up his mind, without listening to the evidence. We need to debate this properly and urges Forum Members to come forward with strong opinions.

Forum Member: Everyone appreciates where the Councillors stand. If there is a review and we have to provide sites, it will happen in one of those 4 areas. The Council may take comments on board, but we will still have to use one of those sites. This was originally put in place by the South West Regional Assembly and the Baker Report was commissioned at that point. The SWRA was disbanded and plans for Bournemouth includes reference to it.

Forum Member: If the consultation has been done already it is unlikely if will go somewhere else.


It has been known.

Cllr Ron Whittaker: When you elect a Councillor, you expect them to speak for you. They are not saying whether they are in favour or opposed. Baker did not carry out a proper consultation on these sites. They did no research into their findings. Cllr Whittaker objected to sending out the report for the Local Development Framework. The documents can be seen on the Council website (link through Forum Website). One site at Erlin Farm is not even in Council ownership and has no sewage service. Careys Road is agricultural land and the report states there is no Primary School within 2.5 km, despite being directly opposite one. These are the people who go out and chose the sites! When the Conservatives got in, they made a pledge we would not have to find sites within our boundaries, but could work in partnership with neighbouring authorities. There are larger sites in the County of Dorset.

Cllr John Trickett: This Forum prides itself in being non-political. Yes the Conservative Party did make a promise if a Conservative Government was in power, but it is a coalition with the Lib-Dems and there we must draw our own conclusions.

Ms Alex De Freitas: Re: the Baker report. The Lansdowne group posed the same question to Cabinet - "what will happen at the end of the consultation," but Cllr Peter Charon would not respond. Please help the Council by expressing your views. The previous proposed Transit site at Cambridge Road was apparently turned down by Travellers as it was too near to homeless people and drug addicts.

The consultation will give space for constructive comments.

Forum Member: When they first moved here, they were told that Careys Road would be part of the Castle Lane Relief Road.

Forum Secretary: Quite right. The Secretary has been campaigning for many years to get this reservation out of the Local Plan and the Local Transport Plan, as in reality, it could never be built in its entirety and therefore would never "relieve" Castle Lane, only cause the total destruction and development in the Green Belt.

If you look up:

Bournemouth District Wide Local Plan Adopted February 2002 East Sheet or this map can be found in the Library, it can be seen that the Careys Road site is almost entirely in the reservation. It is also acknowledged in an appendix to the Local Transport Plan 3 that this road may be needed after 2026. However, it does not appear in the draft Core Strategy, which is expected to be adopted next year and we have made several attempts recently to get a definitive answer from Planning as to whether this reservation, which has been around for over 35 years, really will disappear at that point. Although it seems impossible to get a "yes" or "no" answer it seems that it will indeed go on adoption of the Core Strategy. If it remains in place, it will be relevant to the Consultation on Gypsy and Traveller sites as all three proposed Permanent sites would be affected by it. Secretary will put this information and the emails on the website.

Cllr Ron Whittaker: had brought a copy of the 1990 Plan to Forum. Next week M.P.s will be asked to throw out amendments to the National Planning Policy Framework - Ron is Vice Chair of the Local Development Framework committee. If the Green Belt was to ever see development, it would need some of this road, so it is difficult.

Forum Member: The Member hopes that during the consultation, Councillors will look at lessons that should have been learned from Dales Farm. The legal side is not a problem, but the additions have cost local taxpayers £18million. The site in Careys Road has a field opposite which could be occupied by other people, who may just congregate and be difficult to get out. It should be sited away from the community, e.g. in Sopley, which would be agreeable to many people as there were no objections to a displaced persons site which used to be there.


If the sites go ahead, which schools will give space to these children? When will we know where the children will go?

Cllr Ron Whittaker: There has to be a school in close proximity, but in the Baker report there has been no consultation with schools, landowners, leisure services, etc. Epiphany and Muscliff have waiting lists and Epiphany is worse off because it cannot expand. Some schools in the Borough are under-subscribed.

Forum Member: On a lovely day last week, she visited her parents and they were sat outside, but a man stood on the hill behind them and they felt intimidated and had to go indoors. She and her family have worked hard and invested in property, but the value will go down if a Traveller site is built nearby. She asked who would buy her house or give them the full value?

Forum Member: did not know if the Councillors have taken note of all that has been said. We need to know about the consultation period and need to know all they know about it now.

Strouden Councillor: All the information will be in the consultation document. If we do not supply enough, email us and we will enquire on your behalf.

Forum Member: When walking at Erlin Farm, they saw a brown sign on the fence "Dale Farm 2." They chose the area because of the lovely walks. Forum Member is worried that to wait will be too late.

Forum Secretary: As someone who has responded to many consultations in the past and always manages to take it up to the wire, with 5 minutes to spare before the end of the consultation period, she assured Forum Members that all responses are always taken into account. Keep an eye on the website for up to date information. Responses can be in writing or email and can be sent in now if you ask for them to be included in the consultation, made during the consultation in the official format or simply in a letter; even added to at a later date if you have additional comments to make. She reminded Members we have had many successful outcomes in the past, but it is reliant on each and every person putting pen to paper or emailing their comments.

Forum Member: When a temporary Transit was proposed near the National Retired Nurses Home, two years ago and it was established there could be 3 caravans per pitch, he asked what would happen if there was not enough space? He was told they would let that site overflow. Also, regarding the Carey Road site - that road was said to be too narrow.

Forum Member: This was his first visit to Forum. He stated that people could ask for help from Jamie Kane who is an expert in writing and has raised money.

Item 5 - Any Other Business

1. Chris Small the overseer at the New Leaf Allotments, explained about the work of the Bournemouth Churches Housing Association, along with their Supported Housing Schemes, on a small strip of land off of Muscliffe Lane.

He stated that they now feel the focus should have been on local people and are changing the site to get more local people involved. Muscliff and Epiphany Schools visit along with charity and community groups. If anyone is interested, please get in touch. The focus will be on educational and family learning. Produce will be sold cheaper than in the shops and all money raised will go back into the land.

Contact: or phone 01202 802044

2. Cycle plans and maps for cycling around the local area were available at Forum. If anyone has any feedback or suggestions, please email The Cycle Forum would love some feedback.

3. Cllr John Adams: Flooding in Bournemouth. This summer, flooding was experienced in Strouden and Throop and Muscliff. The Council is dealing with Wessex Water and the Environment Agency to find out what areas were affected and identify solutions. They would like to hear from us.

4. Cllr John Adams: McDonalds in Asda at Castlepoint have been given a 24 hour operating license. It is feared this could result in anti-social behaviour problems and we want to monitor this. Please let the Police know if you have any concerns.

5. Cllr John Adams: The parking outside the Strouden Post Office will be limited to 2 hours only and will be mostly disabled parking.

6. Cllr John Adams: "Resolution Panels" are being set up. If an area has low crime levels, it will have local Neighbourhood Resolution Panels which can be dealt with some problems in the area.

7. Forum Member: asks again whether we can persuade the Advertiser to dedicate its back page to a question/answer column asking "What needs to be done to improve the Town or your local area?"

8. Statement from Angela Fendley - Volunteer member of the Stour Valley Supporters (arrived too late to be included in the meeting)

The Stour Valley Supporters have been actively involved in supporting the Stour Valley Local Nature Reserve for over four years. The aim of the group is to enhance the enjoyment of this idyllic rural slice of Bournemouth and to help maintain and improve the site. We hold fund raising events to raise money to fund improvements which have included enhancement of the kingfisher pond, cameras to monitor birds and the rare otters on the river plus other maintenance projects on the reserve. We regularly hold walks and talks which educate on the delightful array of flora and fauna that can be found along the river. We have been instrumental in resolving disputes between fishermen and dog walkers.

We have surveyed our members and other visitors to the site who included bird watchers, nature lovers and photographers (just some of the many reasons why people choose to visit the river Stour). The overwhelming majority of respondents were in favour of the cattle grazing proposals as they felt that with the increase of wildlife and improvement to the biodiversity this could only enhance their enjoyment of the site. The proposal to graze cattle is also supported by Natural England, Dorset Wildlife Trust, the RSPB, and the Grazing Advice Partnership.

By definition a Local Nature Reserve is of high natural interest for the informal enjoyment of nature by the public, capable of being managed with the conservation of nature. Well managed, the LNR will continue to make an important contribution to local biodiversity which future generations of people can enjoy. We feel that this is the priority of managing this site and that cattle grazing will make a positive contribution to the successful management.

Supporters' views and comments:

"Nice for children to see grazing animals", "This is an important part of habitat conservation", "In the many years I have been using this area I have faced more danger from dogs than cattle". "We can all enjoy the benefits that come from these creatures". "Cattle have been grazed successfully at other locations in the area and, after initial objections people have accepted this form of necessary management", "A well thought out proposal", "no problem with it", "it will improve the environment", "Will add to the interest", "pleased that the existing pathways will be maintained", "glad that the fences will be unobtrusive", "Positive impact on the wildlife", "Improve the biodiversity", "Sustainable management", "Increase in birds, flowers and insects", "Cows can be avoided if so desired", "Will provide wildflower-rich meadows for insects", "Will provide thick hedgerows for farmland birds", "The docile cows are accustomed to people dogs and horses", "Cow dung supports insect life and enriches the soil",

Item 6 - REVISED Date of Next Forum Meeting - Thursday, 2nd February 2012