TMSTH Area Forum Meeting 22nd October 2015

Item 1: The future of adult social care provision
Suzanne Westhead, Tricuro

Item 2: Developments in Throop, footpaths, Hicks Farm
Michael Rowlands, Parks Manager

Updates on:
Wessex way developments - Monitoring of Castle Lane West
Cycle forum news - Townsend together update

Other local issues and updates

Opportunities to raise matters and talk with your Councillors / Police

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Councillor Ron Whittaker

Tribute was paid to the late Councillor and Freeman of the Borough, Ron Whittaker, by Chairman Dominic Coleman.

Bournemouth Council Parks Department

Michael Rowland, Bournemouth Council Parks Department informed the meeting of his department's plans for the Stour River Valley in the Throop and Muscliff area, the Master Plan to be exhibited in the Old Barn, Granby Road, Muscliff. Hicks Farm is intended to be developed as an interpretation centre.

The Parks Department seeks to provide an access path, including for the disabled, to cross the River Stour west of Throop Mill, as the existing path via the Mill is unsuitable. Wessex Water has not agreed to public use of the new bridge at the Berry Hill works.

Throop resident Sarah Fisher voiced several concerns, particularly with regard to the heavy traffic presently using Throop Road and limited room for future parking attracted by the proposed plans. She told Michael Rowland that there is no provision in the public car park for disabled people, so will this be provided?

The narrow road from the car park to the start of the new path, she maintained is dangerous for all road users, especially for the disabled, cyclists, and pushchairs, and there is no pavement to separate the motorised vehicles/lorries from the pedestrians. Also, at the start of the new path a kissing gate is proposed. Wheeled vehicles of any sort are unable to negotiate this obstacle thus making the path impossible for disabled people to use. Sarah Fisher believed that until these problems are addressed, the main purpose of the path will not be fulfilled.

A question was also raised from the meeting regarding the intended path from Hicks Farm to the Meadows. Michael Rowland is due to follow up on all concerns raised.


Suzanne Westhead from Tricuro gave details of the new adult social care company which will be wholly owned by the Boroughs of Bournemouth and Poole, and Dorset County Council. The new company will deliver services to people who receive a direct payment, plus informal carers, and those who fund their care privately. This will enable all three councils to make savings, and resources can be invested back into Tricuro. The company needs to make a profit over four years, and will be providing services on the private market whilst working with the NHS.

To questions raised, Suzanne Westhead told the meeting that Tricuro had a legal obligation to keep to the highest standards, the Councils would assess contributions, and would prioritise the most vulnerable, and disputed decisions could be taken to the ombudsman.

Councillors Reports

Cllr. Michael Weinhonig informed the meeting about Strouden Park, Townsend and Holdenhurst Ward Councillors regular surgeries at Strouden Library. The Chief Executive, Tony Williams would be taking a Ward Walk to visit road/cycle lane problems raised at meetings. Bournemouth Council Transport Manager Ian Kalra is due to attend the Forum February 2016 public meeting with updates on Castle Lane and Wessex Way. Plans regarding allotments in the area are to be discussed on 25 November at Jewell Academy, Townsend.

Cllr. Anne Rey, Muscliff, gave an update on the Shack, the Muscliff community and youth centre. Volunteers are hoping to create a Muscliff Park Charity, and will be applying for funding. A new café, Crumbs, run by the Mental Health Service is due to open, and there are plans for a Petanque French style bowls area. Rooms are available for hire. Cllr. Rey also welcomed help with her Poppy Appeal stand in Bournemouth Town Centre.

Mayor John Adams praised the work of local volunteers, and said the area had a lot to be proud of.

Bournemouth East MP Tobias Elwood has been seeking sponsorship to renovate Throop Mill, Lottery funding being a possibility. The issue of Sunday trading would be decided by Bournemouth Council.

Questions from the floor regarding Castle Lane West new cycle scheme and possibility of a slip road off Wessex Way, including to Dean Court Football ground, is due to be raised with Bournemouth Council Transport Manager, Ian Kalra, at the Forum February 2016 public meeting.