TMSTH Area Forum Meeting - 27th October 2022

Item 1: Keith Mitchell (Governor, University Hospitals Dorset NHS Foundation Trust) talks about the Royal Bournemouth Hospital redevelopment

Item 2: The BCP Local Plan process

Item 3: The Future of the Forum

Item 4: Local councillor updates and questions from audience

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Attending: Conor O’Luby (Secretary), Ray O’Luby (Chair), Jean Kirk (Treasurer)

Speaker, Keith Mitchell, Governor, University Hospitals Trust Dorset, talks about current redevelopment work in the Poole, Bournemouth and Christchurch area

Investing in our hospitals - PDF

In 2005 Bournemouth and Poole became Foundation Trusts, which meant more local independence/decision-making.

Governors are the link between the Executive Board and members of the public. They take public feedback to the Board.

Keith has no medical background, and has an interest in ‘end-of-life’ care. He speaks to a lot of patients at a very difficult time for them, helping them get their concerns across to care staff.

Christchurch now only has MacMillan Palliative Care unit, due to be renovated. Costs have increased from initial £12m pre-pandemic estimate.

UHD Trust is a large organisation, £730m budget and 10,000 staff. £250m has been allotted for current change.

Bournemouth is main heart hospital for area.

Hospital stays are generally much shorter than years ago.

‘Flow’: people arrive, are treated, then return home. However, many patients require a home care package and this is not always readily available. Local authorities have suffered major budget cuts, Brexit has impacted on staff levels.

Emergency Departments very busy. Longer life is very positive but does mean that people may come into hospital with a number of conditions.

In two years or so, Poole will become main planned care and Bournemouth the main emergency hospital. At the moment both hospitals do both. This means that planned care operations are sometimes cancelled because of need in emergency care. This should be much less common when they separate out.

There are university links, and all three hospitals do research, which means better access to the latest drugs and technology. Staff are attracted by links to Bournemouth University and potential for further training.

Approximately 80% visit Poole hospital by themselves i.e. not in ambulance. Much of the new theatre building work will be complete by March 2023.

As Bournemouth becomes an emergency centre, fewer people will need to go to other major hospitals such as Southampton.

New Bournemouth hospital will have a greater number of critical care beds.

There is a new pathology lab being built now at Bournemouth.

COVID means that building regulations have changed to increase separation between wards.

Christchurch MacMillan unit fundraising campaign ‘Brick by Brick’

Huge pressure on staff, not just in winter. We’ve got amazing hard-working staff.

The public can become members of the UHD Foundation Trust and stand for governor etc. Visit

Q and A

Cllr Borthwick: charity shop in Boscombe has raised money for cancer care.

KM: we have a lot of volunteers who help us out with time and money. People like you mean that we can do things that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to do.

Member of public: Last summer, I needed back op, I was feeling very bad. A volunteer went off looking for a wheelchair, but couldn’t find one. He eventually found a bed.

Member of public: car parking?

KM: There will be a multi-story car park, but we are trying to improve bus connection, there are cheaper taxi rates. Poole won’t have as much need for car parking because of planned care situation. We employ a firm to run car park, we need people to keep an eye on it. Any extra goes to the hospital.

Jasmin: People leave crutches etc. at the Townsend Community Centre, can we bring them to the hospital?

Member of public: wearing masks? Told to wear them but a lot of people seem not to wear them.

KM: the rules have changed. Now you don’t need to wear masks in corridor or canteen, but must in wards and Emergency Dept. It’s unusual to see people without masks in ED.

CO: Can we improve the buggy signage outside the hospital? Some people who are not that able to walk haven’t seen it and have ended up struggling to the temporary entrance.

KM: Yes, we can do that.

Conor O’Luby talks about BCP Local Plan process

This is ongoing. It is important for members of the public to be aware that the BCP Local Plan may bring about changes that will affect them e.g. through re-designating land for development. Richborough Estates (RE) and the Alice Ellen Cooper Dean Charitable Foundation (AECD) want to bring forward large-scale housing development on Conservation and Green Belt land at Holdenhurst (see:

People can keep up to date by visiting

Throop and Holdenhurst Village Council

Cllr Sarah Fisher: we spent 12 hours putting in comment on Local Plan to last consultation. BCP Council said it wasn’t a proper comment. The consultation document was complicated.

Cllr Kieron Wilson: there needs to be better consultation, it’s shocking that the council consultation is so poor.

Cllr S Fisher: Almost every single site in green belt is a ‘called-for’ site i.e. ‘called-for’ development.

There are several consultations out for public comment by 5th December. The Green Strategy doesn’t mention the Green Belt; has it been abandoned? Also community assets transfer, they’re either going to sell them off or run them for full commercial value. Currently, the Holdenhurst Community Hall is run on a small budget, if the transfer goes ahead we won’t be able to afford it.

Hick’s Farm. BCP leasehold, no maintenance done, it looks dreadful. I know it’s going to be developed, but the grand plans have come to nothing. The Heritage Lottery turned down the application for heritage centre, so Hick’s Farm renovation on hold.

The Winter Gardens development has been withdrawn or put on hold by BCP Council. Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) funds from this were to be used for the Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace (SANG) in Throop but now not happening. BCP Council broke their own planning conditions on the SANG.

The BCP Green Strategy doesn’t protect wildlife, there isn’t provision for protection. Issue around cycle track through Throop to airport, there wasn’t proper planning about this.

On 23rd November Martin Whitchurch (BCP Council) will be speaking at THVC meeting.

Jasmin: What is going on re the Green Strategy? Consultation is not necessarily binding. The Richborough Estates glossy leaflet is just that: a glossy PR leaflet.

Cllr Derek Borthwick: We have no influence over national policy.

Cllr Lisa N: The Planning Promotion Agreement (PPA) is an agreement between AECD and RE and is a development that is looming as far as the Local Plan process is concerned.

Wendy: Where do you stand as far as protecting the Green Belt? What are you prepared to do to stop this development?

Cllr Lisa N: I am against development there. I am prepared to use my influence as a local councillor.

Cllr K Wilson: there is still a long way to go with the Local Plan, there is an election coming, policies may change. The Green Belt is protected, but there is pressure on local infrastructure.

The Future of the Forum

The Forum recently received £500 in funding from BCP Council. This is gratefully acknowledged, but is a significant cut on previous grants.

Wendy: Forum has been going 20 years, it gives out a lot of info. What’s happening re the funding?

Cllr D B: I helped get money for Forum.

Ray: I’d like to thank all three councillors for getting us £500

On being asked, at least of those attending the meeting i.e. c15/30 said they had come because they had received a leaflet through the door.

Cllr Sarah Fisher: nobody came because of social media.

Cllr K Wilson: We had a meeting about ways in which we can save money e.g. using other centres, I think the Forum is viable.

Jean – we may have to cut the number of meetings to two from three.

Ray: future of Throop Mill?

Cllr Derek Borthwick: Nobody knows anything about Throop Mill.

Member of public: Bournemouth Civic Society has been in contact with owners, but no real feedback.

Ray: Jean and THVC raising money for war memorial in Throop.

Ian: Consultation about continuing cycle lanes from Redbreast Road in November, Electric Club 9th November.

Cllr L Northover: I’ll answer the question about Uplands Road and speeding. What can you do about speeding on your road? Uplands Road has ‘only’ had two casualty collisions over 2016-2019, which means that it is not ‘high’ priority’ for speed calming measures. However, there is a ‘community speedwatch’ scheme organised by Dorset County Council.

Cllr D Borthwick: BCP Council cleared up rats problem behind Castlepoint. They are launching a cost of living support hub.

CO: The Council are offering extra money for Ukrainian refugees: