TMSTH Area Forum Meeting 27th February 2014
  • Item 1
  • A.G.M.
  • Item 2
  • Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance
  • Presented by: Dr John Hoyle
  • Item 3
  • Bournemouth as a sustainable food city
  • Presented by: Sarah Watson
  • Shorts
  • Local Gravel extraction site plans
  • Gypsy and Traveller site allocation update
  • Plans for future of Castle Lane and Cycle initiatives

Workshop/contact time to chat with councillors and representatives.

Date of next meeting: 5th June 2014

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Item 1 - A.G.M.

The current committee members were approved.

Item 2 - Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance - Presentation by Dr John Hoyle


1. Recycle bin for clothing - nearest point is Castlepoint where any clothing can be deposited.

2. If you are stranded and awaiting the helicopter what should you do.

A: Wave your hands, clothing etc to try and attract helicopter.

Item 3 - Bournemouth as a sustainable food city - Presentation by Sarah Watson

Q: Allotments - There are 300 people on waiting list so how can this be helped by this project.

A: Need a mix for land use and more allotments would be helpful.

A: Land at 163 Muscliffe Lane has been marked for allotment use for years but has not been taken forward by Bournemouth Council.

A: Land in Muscliffe Lane owned by BCHA is currently being used for sessions to learn about horticulture from Mon / Thu and plenty of room for this use to be increased.

Q: Will there be a garden share scheme

A: This is one scheme that is being looked at and once details sorted out scheme details will be shown on forum website.

Thanks to Berry Hill Farm for providing box of vegetables to highlight sustainable food.


• Sand and Gravel Extraction - Parley Court

There is an extension of consultation to 9th March.

• Gypsies and Travellers

A new survey has been carried out by Opinion Research Services which concludes that no need for residential sites and that still consulting on transit sites. John Beesley has confirmed recently that "there are no proposals for any sites".

• Castle Lane West - Proposals for Cycle Lane and Improvements

A new proposal has just been issued by Bournemouth Highways and this letter is attached. This will include a cycle lane both sides of Castle Lane West and changes to Castle Gate entrance.

Views were expressed concerning problems exiting from Broadway Lane and of the severe traffic problems around East Way from the 5 schools coming out on to the surrounding roads.

• Throop and Holdenhurst Gas Lights

Council Officer Chris explained the problems with repairing the lighting and the huge cost involved and the fact that due to being a listed item in a conservation area.

• Bournemouth Wheels Festival

John Weaver from Bournemouth Council advertised the new festival that is due to be held from 24th to 26th May.

Any Other Business

Peter White advised that Bournemouth Horticulture Society was meeting at Edward St Campion Church every first Tuesday in month and is very short of members is very close to folding which would have a knock on effect to Horticultural events in Bournemouth.

Anne Rey confirmed that Muscliff Fun Day would be held on 27th July from 11.00 to 21.30. with Music part from 17.00. Also mentioned Muscliff Action Group meeting on 5th March at Community Centre.

Note: Number attending meeting 78 (including councillors, speakers and committee members)