TMSTH Area Forum Meeting - 28th June 2017

Item 1: Mark Axford, Planning Policy and Research Manager, Bournemouth Borough Council, is to give a talk about the Bournemouth Local Plan Review including details about a forthcoming Public Consultation.

Item 2: Katie Wilkinson, Conservation Officer, Dorset Wildlife Trust, is to give a talk about the Stour Valley in the local area.

Item 3: Update on the proposed new A338/Wessex Fields road developments, and any details available regarding a forthcoming Public Consultation.

Item 4: Updates by Local Councillors, and Townsend Together news.

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Item 1 - Bournemouth Local Plan Review

Item 2 - The Great Heath Living Landscape

The Great Heath is a historical name for the vast heath that used to stretch from Purbeck to the New Forest. Today the picture is rather different, with much of the heath having disappeared through building of houses, businesses and roads, agricultural changes and planting of forests. The remnants of this landscape with its scattered heaths, grasslands, woodlands, rivers, ponds, harbours and other urban greenspaces and gardens still make up an amazing wildlife resource, with significant areas of national and international importance.

The area has been described by Natural England as one of the most important areas for wildlife in the country. The aim is to link people and wildlife across the area, creating a landscape rich in wildlife and highly valued, enjoyed and cared for by people.

Katie Wilkinson also spoke of Dorset Wildlife Trust's on-going project regarding the Stour Valley Way at Throop and Muscliff, including the popular Kingfisher Barn Visitor Centre, off Granby Road, and also how even the smallest private gardens can be made wildlife friendly.

Item 3 - Update for Wessex Fields and other works within the Forum area

Chair, Ray O'Luby told the meeting that many residents of Holdenhurst Village, Townsend and surrounding areas, were very unhappy with Bournemouth Council's proposals for offices at Wessex Fields which the Council estimate would bring an extra 1,200 cars to the area, and an accompanying flyover which pedestrians and cyclists would be expected to share with the vehicles.

Questions on the Council's proposals for office development in Wessex Fields, with accompanying flyover, access roads, and road widening at the A338, were also put to Council Officer Mark Axford who informed the meeting that he was not directly involved in the proposed schemes, but he would listen to the residents' concerns.

Wendy Sharp from Holdenhurst Village believed the scheme would threaten the character of the Village, one of Bournemouth's oldest settlements, with increased noise, air, and lighting pollution from the estimated 1,200 extra cars at the proposed new offices, and that the flyover exit on the Holdenhurst Village side would eventually be used as the start of a gateway to further develop the Green Belt.

Mark Axford told the meeting that flyovers are allowed in the current Green Belt guidelines.

A resident also referred to the current parking problems at Holdenhurst Village caused by Bournemouth Hospital staff and employees of nearby offices, and the problem would greatly increase with any further business development.

Angela Pooley, Friends of the Earth, said the Council should be moving away from building new roads, and should promote cycling and public transport, as stated to be a commitment in Council Documents.

Councillor Michael Weinhonig stated that the increased lighting effect of the proposed scheme must be addressed. He also informed the meeting that Ageas 50 (RIAS), a company situated at the existing Wessex Field's Business Park, have a waiting list for car parking spaces of approximately 200.

Ray O'Luby raised the suggestion of a mini coach shuttle service at Wessex Fields Business Park which could eliminate need for the proposed flyover and associated road schemes.

Councillor John Adams said all three local Councillors of Strouden Park Ward agreed with the residents' concerns, and gave the planning procedure details and timescale.

Mark Axford stated that final plans were not yet decided, and all options would be considered.

It was noted that traffic increases were also a concern for residents of the Mallard Road area, with the proposal for a new supermarket on the shopping site there, and the possibility of more housing, but Mark Axford said he was not aware of any proposed housing development.

Wessex Fields

- Public Exhibitions were held in March. Venues included the Littledown Centre, The Village Hotel & Holdenhurst Village Hall.

- The Planning Application for the full junction (ie Phases 1 and 2) will be submitted in late July. This will be subject to a consultation period where the public can make comments ahead of the determination of the application at Planning Board towards the end of the year. Prior to that, there will be a presentation to Planning Board members on 17 July in order to introduce the application ahead of the submission. This presentation will be for information purposes and the opportunity for Planning Board members to ask questions. The plans that were made available during the Public Exhibitions are all currently available on the website at These plans will be updated when the planning application has been submitted, and all the information submitted as part of that process will be publicly available via the planning portal.

- Subject to gaining planning consent, construction for Phase 1 (comprising slip roads off and onto A338 Southbound carriageway + link road to Wessex Fields development site and connection to Deansleigh Road) is currently programmed to start in Spring 2019.

Improvements around Jewell Academy

- Works currently ongoing to improve footways and install a new zebra crossing on Ibbertson Road (near Jewell Road) will be completed during the school summer holidays.

Item 4

No information available.