TMSTH Area Forum Meeting - 28th October 2021

Item 1: Welcoming people back to the first Forum since the pandemic

Item 2: Julian McLaughlin, Service Director Transport and Engineering BCP Council talks about the Transforming Travel programme

Item 3: Sarah Fisher, Chair Throop and Holdenhurst Villages Parish Council introduces the new organisation

Item 4: Alyson Moore, Resilient Community Coordinator, Citizens in Policing team, talks about the Holdenhurst Village Neighbourhood Watch scheme

Item 5: Further updates, including: Townsend Together news, The A338-Wessex Fields scheme, Hick’s Farm, BCP Local Plan, Castlepoint works, Hospital development, Stour Valley Regional Park

Opportunities to talk with your Local Councillors.

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Item 3: The new Parish Council: Cllr Sarah Fisher, Chair Throop and Holdenhurst Village Parish Council

Additional material on this topic may be added shortly

The new Parish Council of Throop and Holdenhurst Villages was established on 1st April 2021. It is a new tier of local government covering the rural area of the Muscliff and Strouden Park ward of BCP Council. The villages are of historic importance (recognised in Conservation Area designation) and the landscape lies in the Stour River valley, comprising river, farm field and small woodland habitats.

The historical landscape of Throop and Holdenhurst parish is under threat from a fifth burial ground on Hooper’s land off Muscliff Lane.

The Hick’s Farm and associated Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace (SANG) application has been passed. Originally rejected 12-3 by the BCP Planning Committee, it was resubmitted and passed in August 2021 when several of the original members of the planning board were absent. The scheme is linked to BCP Council’s Winter Gardens’ luxury flats proposals in that a SANG is required for it to go ahead. The Parish Council opposed the Hick’s Farm proposal on the grounds that it would significantly add to traffic problems in the area.

Cllr Sarah Fisher questioned BCP Strouden and Muscliff ward councillor Cllr Borthwick as to why he voted for the Hick’s Farm proposal. Cllr Borthwick said that he is in favour of housing (this relates to the Winter Gardens proposal). Cllr Fisher asked Cllr Borthwick to look into legality of the Hick’s Farm planning decision, which she described as being “legal, but dishonourable”.

Member of audience says a BCP planning officer questioned legality of decision.

Cllr Fisher thanked BCP Strouden and Muscliff ward councillors Lisa Northover and Kieron Wilson for supporting the Parish Council’s opposition to the Hick’s Farm proposals.

There are many relevant local issues including the A338-Wessex Fields Link application, dogs and dog walkers etc.

Cllr Fisher asked people to attend Parish Council meetings.

Item 2: Julian McLaughlin, Service Director Transport and Engineering BCP Council talks about the Transforming Travel programme

Due to technical problems, there was no slide presentation. This has been added to the Forum website.

The Transforming Travel Programme - helping people find other ways to move around - PDF

The Throop cycling crossing to airport will not be lit. There will be no high structures, very low key.

People were worried about cycling up busy Broadway Lane. Mill Lane will be used instead. Potholes will be repaired. The bridge at the weir will not be widened, signage will be improved to ensure safe cycling and walking.

Public questions to Julian McLaughlin

“Who were consulted on Transforming Travel programme? I live at bottom of East Way. You haven’t mentioned, is there any plan to improve Castle Lane in this area (Mallard Road area, with Aldi bringing extra traffic). The roundabout at Mallard Road?”

“There was a full consultation, we followed the government guidance. We have a detailed plan of what exactly is going to happen from Merley to Christchurch, including better crossing points. Castlepoint traffic is quite bad. There will be a new junction where ASDA is. The junction from Bournemouth School for Girls adjacent to Yeomans Road will be improved, a new crossing for Woodbury Avenue will be added. Towards Cooper Dean, there will be a new cycle lane on northern side. We’ve listened to residents, this will be a sensitive improvement. Push button crossings will be added.

All these extra crossings will slow traffic on Castle Lane and people will go onto Muscliff lane.

We don’t think so. We have a model, it doesn’t show this. The aim is to get some people off the roads onto other forms of transport.

Throop and Holdenhurst are cut off from buses

The operators are part of the project. We’re keen that we improve reliability, bidding for e-bus. Hopefully if more people use buses, the operator will provide more buses. But bus services are deregulated and council can’t insist on service provision. Lobby for your own transport, there are alternatives.

Whitelegg Way. Will the road surface be improved? How will emergency services get through?

Most of the area will have access for emergency services. Surfaces will look better. I take your point.

I’m a cyclist, cars park on cycle lanes and that means that some cyclists continue to cycle on the road. Road surface for cyclists are bad.

Government announced a massive injection towards pothole issue. We are aware of bad parking, need more enforcement. Bad in residential areas.

Please report infringement but pavement parking is not illegal. We are lobbying to change this. We prioritise which ones to do. We do traffic counts and we know what cycle use is, we know if you have sporadic cycle lanes few people use them. E-bikes are coming and possibly scooters, transforming travel without car. Used by all ages. Beryl Bikes etc.

Potholes caused by traffic.

What about the old cycle lanes? They often need a lick of paint

We need more investment in this area, but please report faded cycle lanes on the website

The council has declared climate emergency, you say we need to get people out of cars. Big HGVs travel through the area. I think it suits the council to have a rat-run through Throop and Muscliff.

We did look at this issue.

Cllr Fisher: a new cycling ‘structure’ the whole length related to the Stour Valley Regional Park. It will bring many more people to the area causing traffic problems

There is a wider strategic issue here to be dealt with through the Local Plan. We’re not creating multi-story car parks in the countryside.

I’m not happy about cycle routes along Castle Lane East when you get off the bus straight into the cycle lane.

We can’t design for selfish, stupid driving and cycling. The police need to enforce more. We can limit speeds on e-bikes, however. We have a good safety record in Bournemouth

How can you segregate Throop Bridge? I wish BCP would listen, there seems to be no joined up thinking. Highways wants this, parks want that.

We’re not silo thinking. We do provide a lot of advice, if I suggest a brand new bridge people might not like this. I understand frustration.

I live in Taylor Drive. Not a wide road, lorries, horses, people walking their dogs, dangerous site. My sons and daughter need their cars.

We’re trying to rebalance. It doesn’t take too many people to get out of their car to reduce congestion. An awful lot of trips are being made unnecessarily. This new way is to adjust the balance. We have data on the rat-running through Throop.

Parents parking in cemetery on East Way for schools. Gates shut now preventing people walking through, to try and stop the parking. Also, the Littledown toilets at the football pitches are disgraceful.

Suggest taking up with local councillors

Do you ever go back and review the pavement works after City Fibre has finished? Some pavements seem to be sinking.

Generally we have a reinstatement policy. We rely on people to report it to us. City Fibre should reinstate to proper standards.

I will send the details to Conor and he will upload it to the Forum website.

Questions to Councillors

About footpath to Long Barrow allotments.

Cllr Borthwick – I don’t think there is enough Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) money to pay for a pavement along Throop Road there. You have to wait until there is a serious accident for it to go to top of list.

I must tell you that the fence round Bournemouth School for Boys is school property. There will be an extra 900 pupils.

Were the police invited?

Yes. We’re disappointed that they didn’t get back to us.

BCP Council Transforming Travel Programme: feedback on public questions by BCP Council Service Director (Transport and Engineering) Julian McLaughlin - PDF

Item 5: Updates

1. Castlepoint works
Accessing the new car park!

“We are pleased to inform you that phase 5b of our car park reconstruction is complete. Meaning that the car park outside B&Q (upper deck levels 1,2,3 and 4) is now OPEN for public use.

Please continue to use the car park as normal.

When accessing the upper deck level continue entering and exiting the car park via the Asda ramp.

For lower level access follow signposts to blue car park Asda and B&Q entrance the exit will be signposted but reverts back to the original exit leading out onto the roundabout at the bottom of the Asda ramp.

Please note we will have car park marshals on site on from Monday 18th October to help direct vehicles when visiting Castlepoint. Please continue to check back here for the most up to date information, as this is subject to change.”

2. Royal Bournemouth Hospital works

“As part of the construction work on the Royal Bournemouth Hospital site there will be extensive roadworks on the Deansleigh Road roundabout, outside the Village Hotel.

The preparations start next week (w/c 25 October) with the overall project lasting for five weeks, resulting in potentially significant traffic issues. While this disruption is ongoing, please give yourself more time for your journey and consider using public transport or car sharing if possible.

We apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your co-operation during this time.”

3. Stour Valley Regional Park

The project to create a regional park along the River Stour continues:
Talk: The Historic Character of the River Stour
Wed, 1st of December 2021, 19:30-21:00

4. Hick’s Farm/Throop Nature Park

Following permission being granted in August this year, BCP Council’s Hick’s Farm/Throop Nature Park proposal will lead to approximately 12 hectares of council green space along the River Stour opening up to public access.

During the planning process, the proposals attracted significant comment, those in favour highlighting increased public access to green space. Others, however, were particularly concerned at the level of traffic that may result from such a development.

Further information

BCP Council

Throop Village Conservation Group

5. Local Plan

The first BCP Local Plan (setting the priorities for the council area) is in the process of being drawn up. It is likely that the BCP Local Plan Issues and Options consultation will be launched in mid-January 2022 - for more details visit: BCP Local Plan

6. Wessex Fields

The ‘A338-Wessex Fields Link’ planning application, passed in early 2019, is made up of Phase 1 and Phase 2 developments. The Phase 2 development includes a flyover over the A338, part of which will be built in the Holdenhurst Village Conservation Area (the scheme does not include a road into Holdenhurst, however).

To date, only the initial stage of Phase 1 has been completed, taking Wessex Water trucks off Riverside Avenue (east side of the A338) and directing them onto the spur road. The continuation of the Phase 1 plan would possibly see a road crossing fields at the back of the Hospital and onto Deansleigh Road.

7. Townsend Together

Townsend 'Urban Green' project in partnership with Dorset Wildlife (Sue Dawson) Dorset Wildlife Trust were awarded funding by the National Lottery Community Fund to improve greenspace for the benefit of wildlife and people. - A new wildlife perennial bed has been planted in the Townsend Community Growers site. - New wildlife camera installed.

Townsend Community Growers - A Growers social event took place, a fish n chip supper was enjoyed by the Growers.

Townsend Good Neighbour Scheme Good Neighbour Schemes are community projects, linking people who are in need with community volunteers who are willing to help. A Good Neighbour Scheme is there simply to offer a helping hand. To find out more or to volunteer please contact Caroline –