TMSTH Area Forum Meeting 28th September 2009
  • Item 1
  • Update from previous meetings
  • Traffic Light Sequencing Castle Lane
  • Threatened Green Belt / Regional Spatial Strategy
  • River Crossing to Hurn
  • Berry Hill Sewage Works / Wessex Water Cut-backs
  • Muscliff Park Events License
  • Review of Parks
  • Item 2
  • Help to Shape the Future of OUR AREA
  • The Bournemouth Plan

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    (Local Development Framework Core Strategy)


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    Presentation by:

    Phil Robinson - Planning Conservation and Design Manager, Bournemouth Borough Council

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  • Residents Question Time
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Item 1 - Updates from previous meetings

• Traffic Light Sequencing Castle Lane

Response from Martin Dover, team Leader Traffic Control and Information Systems, Streetworks manager, Technical Services, Bmth Borough Council, to Chairman’s e-mail regarding the sequencing of traffic lights along Castle Lane:-

“Thank you for your email regarding the sequencing of the traffic signals along Castle Lane West.

All the traffic signals along Castle Lane West are linked by the Urban Traffic Control (UTC) computer to try and achieve progression through the signals for vehicles on the main road. This progression is only achievable in free-flow conditions and, due to the quantity of traffic in the area, this is unfortunately not always possible.

The signals timings were last validated for UTC shortly after the gyratory at Mallard Road was installed. It is, therefore, now probably time to revisit the corridor to see if any improvements to the sequencing can be made. When my signal designer returns from leave i will ask her to review this area.”

And on 10 September, 2009:-

“Michelle has assessed the junction and found that there is significantly more traffic exiting Muscliffe Lane than when the junction was designed. We are not sure what is creating this additional demand, but adjustment of the junction offset timings should address the problem. These changes will be made shortly.”

Question 1:

by Residents living in service road opposite Pizza Hut: Why is Council considering altering the phasing of the lights.


Council not considering anything yet, but we have asked for review of sequencing as lights on Wimborne Road stop traffic exiting Muscliffe Lane.

Question 2:

Residents as above has nagged for years to stop the rat-running along the service road, but only have 2 “slow” signs. Why not 2 sleeping policemen or block off the road from Whitelegg Way.


Cllr Whittaker will take it further, but asks Forum Member once again to get all the other residents on board - written statements are needed. Emergency services need to be consulted.

• Threatened Green Belt / Regional Spatial Strategy

Our main item on tonight’s agenda is the Council’s Local Development Framework Core Strategy (known as the Bournemouth Plan) outlining the Council’s vision for Bournemouth up to 2026 and as we am sure, our speaker - Phil Robinson - will explain, it has to comply with the South West Regional Spatial Strategy which has been the subject of our previous Forum campaign.

Publication of the Regional Spatial Strategy has been delayed thanks to the 35,000 objections it provoked, particularly in relation to the imposition of very high housing numbers many of them destroying large areas of Green Belt in Dorset - including of course, in our area, which is Bournemouth’s only remaining Green Belt.

It was thought the Regional Spatial Strategy would not now be published until after the next election, but last Friday, the Government Office for the South West released a press statement, announcing further Sustainability Appraisal of the South West Regional Spatial Strategy to see if proposals are the most sustainable way forward for the Region.

In May, the High Court ruled the Sustainability Appraisal for the East of England failed and similarly, the South East RSS is subject to 6 High Court challenges, in that they failed to test “reasonable alternatives” to specific proposals. In the light of these GOSW and the Department for Communities and Local Government decided to look again at the Sustainability Assessment for the South West, with the results due early in the new year.

This means that GOSW and Department for Communities will have two previous cases on which to base their new Sustainability Appraisal and we don’t know where this leaves us, but we are hoping that maybe Phil Robinson can shed some light on -

  • Which areas are being reappraised?
  • Who would do the reappraisal? GOSW? Consultants? Local Authorities?
  • Will there be any public consultation, in which we can participate, on this reappraisal and if not, why not and
  • Will there be an Examination in Public?


Phil Robinson. Independent assessors are looking at work that was done rather than actual sites and the length of this is unknown - it is wholly up to Central Government. The Council is getting its act together to mount a legal challenge if necessary. If there is no methodology to make the document sound, but Government can find a quick fix, we may not see any consultation. There probably will not be public consultation. We may know more early in the new year, but there is pressure on the Secretary of State to delay the Regional Spatial Strategy. If the Conservatives win the next election, they plan to hand over policy to the Regional Agency (comment from Cllr Whittaker “an even bigger quango”).

• River Crossing to Hurn (as a bridleway and for pedestrians and cyclists)

Cllr Whittaker: 4 routes for this crossing were worked up, after a very long period, with many people arguing for Pigshoot, which was used before the flood alleviation schemes. Eventually, Route 2, using the present weir bridge, which is due to be revamped soon, was chosen, but Hurn Parish Council objected.

The County Council has therefore agreed to back Pigshoot or Route 2 to preserve funding. An independent consultant has been appointed and he has established Pigshoot is still a Public Byway, as on a 1924 map. Funding is coming from outside and it is hoped to start in 2012/13

Question 1:

Throop Ford - will it be downgraded to a Byway.


Cllr Whittaker. Currently a BOAT (K41 byway open to all traffic) but will be a narrow bridge and will not take cars.

Question 2:

Entrance to Pigshoot is all overgrown


If opened up before work commences, it will be used as a tip.

• Berry Hill Sewage Works/Wessex Water Cut-backs

Information on this will be in the Throop and Muscliff Councillors newsletter shortly - October 2009 Newsletter.

Ongoing problems include up to 40 tanker movements per day, taking sludge from far away, worse when Poole flooded in April this year. Thanks go to Nick Watson from Environmental Health for his active support, particularly with the horrendous problems in April. Wessex Water have a business plan for a pipeline from Kinson or Holdenhurst Village to transport sludge, but Ofwat was not prepared to support this as no business case was presented.

• Muscliff Park Events License

The Committee for Muscliff Park put in a request for a permanent events license to stop the need for temporary licenses every time an event is held, which is expensive.

Unfortunately, the way it was advertised, it could sound like 42 events per annum were planned. All homes were sent a letter and there were 2 public meetings, resulting in 11 objections. A case was put forward to licensing and was accepted. The license will accommodate up to 6 events per annum and on 18 July 2010, there will be a big Funday, celebrating Bournemouth’s Bicentenary. There will be no big pop concerts and events will be run properly with a committee.

• Review of Parks

1) Setley Gardens/Cadnum Way Park - the first wave of consultation is complete, drawings are being amended for final approval by the community, we aim to get a plan out to tender by the end of September and to be on site before Christmas. I should be able to get a final drawing to you by the time the meeting coming around.

2) Townsend Park, Mountbatten Gardens, Muscliff Park - Playbuilder site to be improved next financial year - we'll start work with the community late this year or early next year.

3) Strouden Playing Fields, Bradpole Road - no immediate plans at the moment, no news since last time. We're working with Education on the schools plans under Building Schools for the Future. Throughout this space as a whole we'd like to improve play, the route through the woods and the playing fields and changing rooms.

4) Queens Park - we'll be developing a new play area (through Playbuilder and Developer funds) in the park next financial year (10/11) - no precise location is confirmed yet. We'll start work with the community late this year or early next year. We'd also like to improve paths, trails, signage and interpretation too (but have no budget yet).Contrary to some rumours we will be continuing to operate golf at this site for the foreseeable future.

Cllr Anne Rey: Setley Gardens has been approved and £87 funding is in place. Children were consulted on the redevelopment.

Question 1:

People in Setley don’t want it. Fears include teenagers on seats/cans/motorbikes and nowhere to park.


Cllr Anne Rey. There were 3 objections to the skate park, but children were asked to design what they want. Age appropriate equipment needed for teens and adults. Minority did not want anything, but majority wanted a plan. Councillor Anne Rey speaks to local children and has no received any abuse or shouting. Children are desperate for good facilities.

Question 2:

Will there be a “no alcohol” notice and will this be monitored?


Yes. As in Muscliff.

Item 2 - ‘THE BOURNEMOUTH PLAN’ (Local Development Framework Core Strategy)

Consultation ends 9th October 2009. Introduced by Phil Robinson - Planning Conservation and Design Officer, Bournemouth Borough Council, presentation by Allan Cheeseman.

Core Strategy: Replaces the Bournemouth District Wide Local Plan and will lay down all policies and proposals for the Town up to 2026. It is now in the Issues and Options Stage, asking what are the issues and Options for the future of the Town? All Residents are encouraged to write back to the Council. There has already been some consultation with statutory bodies and the Bournemouth partnership

Allan Cheeseman: The Bournemouth plan is looking at Residents and Employers and asks what do we want over the next 15/20 years. It is divided into 11 Topics: Housing / Employment / Tourism / Transport / Natural Environment and Green Infrastructure / Climate Change and Flooding / Shopping / Leisure and Community Facilities / Health / Learning / Infrastructure and Facilities: Developer Contributions. The problem is that what we do in one area impacts on something else, e.g., Castlepoint is good for shopping, but impacts on transport.

Allan Cheeseman then gave a detailed presentation on the Issues and Options and some of the Sustainability Appraisal issues in the document and called on all Forum members to take Response Forms and return them to the Council to make their views known.

Question 1:

How does everyone else get a form and has anyone written to the Echo or editor of the Advertiser, to use the back page or have another part, “ask your Councillors?”


They are in Community Centres, Libraries, Council Offices, etc

Question 2:

Can some be delivered to the Post Office?


Will drop some off.

Question 3:

Re: Housing Issue 7. Destruction of Green Belt affects every part of this Forum area, but no mention in Issues and Options or Sustainability Appraisal of 3rd generation, viable working farm in Holdenhurst or farm land throughout being needed in the future to feed the increasing UK population. Marked flood plain extending, but Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment 2007, still recommends building on edge of flood plain.


Phil Robinson: Question highlights need for response forms from local residents. The Cores Strategy must cover everything - the farming issue has been missed but will be addressed in subsequent documents. RSS will be challenged on a legal issue if needed - fear is that a rogue planning inspector could pass development because the North Bournemouth LDF plan is not worked up.

Cllr Whittaker: Council is not pursuing the North Bournemouth issue at present. There was a fear among elected Members that officers had conceded defeat and it would happen, but we can’t guarantee what will happen. There is a tight rope to tread between holding the line - no development in the Green Belt and having something done in case a planning application is sneaked in through the back door. The council will fight any application.

Question 4:

Housing issue 4 - How do we meet the need for Permanent and Transit Gypsy and Traveller Sites? Has any work been done?


Council will be working with all other Councils in Dorset, funded by the Dorset Strategic Partnership. It will be addressed as part of a plan covering the whole of Dorset. Tenders are out for the survey, but it is early days. The Council has not progressed any further sites.

Question 5:

Recent newspaper report in the Times (usually gets it right) stated it is not compulsory for any local Authority to provide a Transit Site. Is this true or not?


The requirement will be set in the Regional Plan which will allocate the number of pitches. If there was any way we did not have to provide a site, we would have found it. No we cannot opt out.

Item 3 - Residents Question Time

Question 1:

Could Forum write to all schools around Curlew Road/Mallard Road, regarding the litter and rubbish thrown down during term times?


Cllr Trickett: He and Cllr Shaw were in Mallard Road/Craigmoor last week, looking at the areas. The litter is bad and shows a lack of respect. Much happens late in the evening, but young people throw food containers down at lunchtime.

Bournemouth School for Boys has a new head teacher and Bishop of Winchester School is not closing.

Forum will write to all local schools.

Question for Cllr Whittaker:

There was a mini-referendum re: closure of Mill Road - what was the outcome?


Mill Road is left as it is now. It is adopted, so pot holes are regularly treated.

Question 3:

Pedestrian crossing to West of Mallard Road/Yeomans Road roundabout.

Grand-daughter of Forum Member was nearly killed recently as the crossing is so near to the exit of the roundabout. Motorists coming out of Castlepoint have many traffic lights to negotiate and having finally gone through the last green light on the roundabout itself, they do not have time to register the pedestrian crossing light has gone red, as it is so close. This also applies to vehicles coming out of Mallard Road and turning left.

Could they not be sequenced in conjunction to the pedestrian crossing?


This question received a large volume of support from all Forum Members. Chairman will follow this up.

Question by e-mail:

Forum member in Wilverley Avenue

Can Forum find out what has happened to the bench seats that were removed when the Castle Lane road improvements were made, especially the ones outside the War Memorial Homes and the one near the bus stop at Cooper Dean Roundabout?

Myself and others of my age and disabilities really miss them on our daily treks.

It would also be nice if a seat could be provided at the new Bus Stop at the Spur Road to Ringwood.

Last week I came across an old gentleman clinging onto the bus stop pole so I had to phone a relative and wait with him until they collected him. His mistake was thinking there was a bus service from that point.

Many Thanks for your help in the past.


Cllr Trickett: Councillors will make sure the missing benches are put back. Bus stop in the Spur Road lay by - services will recommence soon from this point.

Item 4 - Any Other Business

DEFRA Noise Abatement Plan - consultation ends 4th November.

Section updated soon