TMSTH Area Forum Meeting 2nd February 2012
  • Item 1
  • AGM and Election of Officers
  • Item 2
  • Shorts
  • Cattle Grazing Stour Valley
  • New Leaf Allotments
  • Gas Lamps Throop and Holdenhurst
  • Item 3
  • Proposed merger Poole, Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospital Trusts - Consultation
  • Speaker from Bournemouth and Christchurch Trust
  • Item 4
  • Gypsy and Traveller Sites Consultation
  • Tobias Ellwood MP to make a statement
  • Item 5
  • Residents Question Time
  • Item 6
  • Any Other Business
  • Item 7
  • Next Forum Meeting
  • June 2012
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Item 1 - AGM and Election of Officers


  • Chair
  • Vice Chair
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Committee Member
  • Committee Member
  • Committee Member
  • Committee Member
  • Dom Coleman
  • Ray O'Luby
  • Marion Oliver
  • Wendy Sharp
  • Les Deller
  • Chris Channell
  • Anne-Marie Nesfield
  • Kurt Lee

Forum was asked for a vote of confidence in the committee, which was received.

Item 2 - Shorts

• Cattle Grazing Stour Valley

Forum Chair: A meeting will be held on 7th February to discuss proposals for some of the sites to go ahead. Tobias Ellwood will attend and also Stuart Clarke and Mike Rowland.

Cllr Whittaker commented: plans are for parts of the Stour Valley reserve to be put aside for cattle grazing - officer concerned - Stuart Clarke. The issue will be discussed again on 7th February along with Cllr Rod Cooper from Redhill. Cllr Sue Levell presented a petition and there has been a massive petition against the grazing proposals. It is possible that just the top part of the area will be used. Hopefully a decision will be made, but he recommends they "forget it."

• New Leaf Allotments

The meeting was informed that the development of the Bournemouth Church Housing Association allotment off Muscliffe Lane, Throop, was coming on steadily. Volunteers and visitors are welcome throughout the week, Mon to Fri. Sessions for local residents to learn about various horticultural topics, such as Tree pruning, Fruit and vegetables growing, etc. are held regularly, Feb dates Sat 4, and Sat 18. Details were on notice board.

• Gas lamps Throop and Holdenhurst

Work to install regulators on the faulty gas lamps in Throop and Holdenhurst has finally taken place. The lamps on Holdenhurst Village Green and on the Corner by Muccleshell are now up and working, but T35 - higher up towards Muscliffe Lane, has been waiting for Southern Gas Networks to connect it up.

This has now happened and we hope it will be working from tomorrow.

A Forum Member reports a lamp outside of Roi Mar in Throop has been broken for some considerable time. Secretary will investigate further.

Item 3 - Proposed merger Poole Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospital Trusts Consultation

Proposed merger Poole Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospital Trusts Consultation - Slide 1

Chris Bown, CEO from Poole Hospital Trust, attended with Tony Spotswood, CEO of Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospital Trust, Jane Stitchbury, Chair of Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospital trust and also Tracey Hall, Head of Communications and Fundraising and

Chris Bown introduced the consultation. He stated that an application was made to the English Regulator "Monitor" last February to merge the two Trusts into one. This is very important to ensure the sustainability of local Health services, which are facing big challenges locally and nationally.

Proposed merger Poole Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospital Trusts Consultation - Slide 2

Tony Spotswood explained this would mean the merger of management across the three hospitals and further consultation would take place if any other changes are considered in the future, e.g. out-patients departments, Day cases or future specialist in-patient services. They are consulting on how they would run the organisation and must satisfy others.

Proposed merger Poole Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospital Trusts Consultation - Slide 3

There will be an emphasis on Consultant delivered care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, starting with Cardiac Care, as this has been shown to have better outcomes for patients. Accident and Emergency 24/7 cover is on its way. Other areas at present have normal Consultant cover, Monday to Friday, 9am - 6pm.

Proposed merger Poole Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospital Trusts Consultation - Slide 4

Other challenges include creating centres of excellence, e.g. neonatal care and cancer care, where at present some people need to travel and it is planned to provide more locally.

There is a shifting emphasis from hospital care to community care and this will increase greatly over the next 5 to 10 years and mean with the resulting smaller hospitals we can cope with the contraction by combining. It would also help to support hospitals further afield and encourage early supported care where for example, a patient discharged following a stroke will receive therapy in the home. This is much better for the patient.

Workstreams. The senior leadership will be coming together - how will they blend together? The regulator must be satisfied there will be a strong organisation going forward.

Proposed merger Poole Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospital Trusts Consultation - Slide 5

Key tasks include forming a new Board Designate, to go forward to the future when there will be only one Board and ensuring that in combining the Trusts, there will be no loss of competition. The Office of Fair Trading must be satisfied and bureaucracy must not get in the way.

Proposed merger Poole Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospital Trusts Consultation - Slide 6

Why merge? To ensure we can continue to provide the first class care provided at Poole, RBH and Christchurch and invest in services for the future. To benefit patients and staff, we must ensure we are in the strongest position to meet future challenges.

Proposed merger Poole Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospital Trusts Consultation - Slide 7

What are we consulting on? Membership - local people can become Members and can elect the Board. The size of the Council of Governors and a name for the new organisation.

Proposed merger Poole Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospital Trusts Consultation - Slide 8

Size of Trust. The trust will treat over 1 million patients per annum, with 7,500 staff and will have a budget of £430 million per annum.

Proposed Governance arrangements:-

Proposed merger Poole Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospital Trusts Consultation - Slide 9

Size and composition of the Council of Governors:-

Proposed merger Poole Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospital Trusts Consultation - Slide 10

Minimum ages for Membership, voting and standing as Governor:

The minimum age for Membership (there is a large Paediatric unit at Poole and people can become a Member at 12, but what minimum age for a Governor)?

Proposed merger Poole Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospital Trusts Consultation - Slide 11

Size and composition of the Board of Directors:

Proposed merger Poole Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospital Trusts Consultation - Slide 12

Constitution: It is proposed the new organisation will adopt a "first past the post" election for Governors.

Proposed merger Poole Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospital Trusts Consultation - Slide 13

A name for the new organisation: Note: a name including "Royal" is difficult.

Proposed merger Poole Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospital Trusts Consultation - Slide 14

Let us know your views:

Proposed merger Poole Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospital Trusts Consultation - Slide 15

Question 1:

Who appoints the senior directors? It is said the NHS would be bankrupt if it was a business?


The Chairman and Governors + non-executive directors can hire and fire the CEO and these elect senior directors.

Question 2:

Will you be reducing employees and directors or will you then find them another committee to be transferred to?


Both Trusts face economic challenges. £52 million savings are needed over a three year period. We need to reduce costs and by merging can reduce duplication. There will be one Board not 2 and will save money on such departments as accounts, Human Resources, Information Technology, etc. The process will take some years, but we do have a turnover of staff. Poole has saved £16 million and reduced posts for the same level of care, but has not had to make many redundant (5). We will work with trades Unions but will have to shrink the pay bill. The first reduction will be in Management.

Question 3:

How can we have Consultants working 24/7 when they also have their private practice?


In emergency general surgery there has been a contraction of the number of junior doctors and therefore fewer doctors to man the service. If we therefore bring Consultants together, it will be possible to rotate when they come in. There are 12 general Surgeons over the two hospitals and we need 1 to cover and 1 to back up per night.

Question 4:

If you envisage there will be more care in the home, will this be out-sourced and where will funds come from?


For example, Stroke care, Occupational Therapy, Physio, Speech Therapists – teams from the hospital will go out and support patients. G.P.s will commission and buy services and it will be up to them where they buy those services, but they will want to use the skills hospitals have.

Question 5:

What percentage cost reduction is £52 million over 3 years?



Question 6:

What will happen to the closed wards at Christchurch?


There are no inpatients, but Christchurch will be a hub for Out Patients, Diagnostics, e.g. pathology, radiology and in to NHS Dentist, G.P. practices. There will also be a significant Nursing Home and Social/Key Worker Housing. The way care is changing, people spend less time in hospital and we do not have a need for the beds at hospital. The final beds went to RBH a while ago.

Question 7:

Apart from amalgamation of the two Boards, will services be amalgamated, e.g. Pharmacy?


Yes, we can make efficiencies in Pharmacy, I.T and the clinical support department. Liaison is going on. We can then redirect funds to the front line.

Question 8:

Will the merger mean more travelling to Poole?


No. The biggest needs are Out Patients, Blood tests and Day cases and we have no intention to make changes. For highly specialist services, possibly 100 patients per annum will have to travel, but the majority will continue to go to the local hospital. Any changes would be subject to a different consultation. Some services at present only in one hospital, may be introduced into another, e.g. Ophthalmic Care (RBH) to a cataract service in Poole.

Question 9:

If Bournemouth Specialist Cardiac and other units move to Poole in future, how will we look at what is provided?


As we move to specialist care 24/7, rather than being taken by ambulance to Poole, patients will be taken straight to RBH and be treated immediately, by a Consultant.

Question 10:

If money is not spent by the end of the financial year, do you still have to go out and spend it to get a bigger budget next year? Also, pharmaceutical companies used to force hospitals to overspend. Does this still happen?


No - it did happen. Procurement is now a lot more commercial and the buying power is significant.

Item 4 - Gypsy and Traveller Sites Consultation followed by Tobias Ellwood MP to make a statement

Dorset Wide Gypsy, Traveller and Travelling Showpeople Site Allocations Joint Development Plan Document

Issues and Options

There have been several active Forum Members going round with excellent petitions and a recent deputation to Full Council, but they need to be supported by as many individual responses as possible, from all of us and our families, friends and neighbours.

The criteria on which these sites have been assessed were decided on last year and used by the Consultants, Bakers, to look at a large number of areas, some of which were rejected and some taken forward into this consultation:-

Bakers' identified:

  • Three Residential pitches on land near Erlin Farm, Muscliffe Lane
  • Five Residential pitches on Careys Road, off Broadway Lane.
  • Eight Residential pitches on land on the edge of urban development at Throop Road, between Woodbury Avenue and the allotments (The Catteries).


  • 10 Transit pitches on land off Park Road, Lansdowne (bordering the Wessex Way and public car park off Lansdowne Road).

Travellers camped illegally must use an authorised Transit site or leave the Borough.

The Forum committee had therefore prepared a consultation response form, with the relevant criteria listed - on which it was hoped Members would jot down some comments and either hand them in to us on the night or post them off in the next couple of days. Consultation ends Friday week. Members were advised to look on this website for the minutes to this item.

The consultation is being co-ordinated by Dorset County Council, but Forum had invited, Phil Robinson - Bournemouth Council's Planning Policy Conservation and Design Officer, Cllr David Smith - Portfolio Holder Communities and Planning and Tobias Ellwood MP.


  • Housing Act 2004 requires Local Authorities to identify sites - in their own areas - to meet the needs of Gypsies and Travellers.
  • 2 years ago, Bournemouth, along with all the other Dorset Councils commissioned Baker Associates to prepare a Joint Development Plan Document, which will form part of the Council's local plan (Local Development Framework)

There are three types of sites:-

  • Permanent - a permanent home and base from which to travel
  • Transit - providing temporary accommodation normally between 28 days and 3 months and
  • Emergency Stopping Places - temporary authorised short-term less than 28 days for all travelling communities (layby and a stand-pipe)

Allocation for Bournemouth

  • 13 Residential pitches to 2011 + 8 to 2028
  • 12 Transit to 2011

Most frequently asked question is, "when will we know the answer?"

Phil Robinson, Planning Policy, Conservation and Design Officer, stated that Officers will be making recommendations to Elected Members (Councillors) regarding Bakers analyses as many responses have stated the sites need further research, e.g. may contain protected species and some people are suggesting better places for the sites. It would be unfair, if after this work was done officers put forward recommendations for "preferred sites" on which residents had not had a chance to consult. They will therefore recommend that the process go back round the loop and have another round of consultation to assess the new places against the criteria.

It is appreciated that some people will have problems selling houses, etc and the time factor is difficult, however, it is either that or make decisions on potentially inaccurate information. If Elected Members do not agree with the Officers recommendations, Bakers should present their analysis by the end of March. If Councillors do accept the recommendations, Bakers must reassess all sites again and it will take another 6 to 9 months to get back to where we are, or alternatively they will come forward with firm proposals.


The criteria used by Bakers for this stage 2 assessment, were stated prior to each item and are reproduced below the consultation form.

Power Point presentation is here shown in blue. Response forms were blank for Members to fill in their own comments.

Dorset-wide Gypsy and Traveller (including Travelling Showpeople)
site allocations joint DPD

Consultation on Proposed Gypsy and Traveller Sites in Bournemouth

* name ..........................................................................................................

* address ......................................................................................................

* postcode ....................................................................................................

* signature ....................................................................................................

* date ...........................................................................................................

* mandatory or submission will be rejected

SUPPORT the provision of Gypsy and Traveller Sites in Bournemouth as follows:- (tick those applicable)

  • 10 transit pitches on land off Park Road, Lansdowne (bordering the Wessex Way and public car park off Lansdowne Road).
  • Three residential pitches on green belt land near Erlin Farm, Muscliffe Lane.
  • Five residential pitches on green belt land at Careys Road, off Broadway Lane.
  • Eight residential pitches on green belt land on the edge of urban development at Throop Road, between Woodbury Avenue and the allotments.



  • Less unauthorised encampments - Police have powers to move illegal camps
  • Managed sites reduce anti-social behaviour
  • Improved well-being of travelling population


  • Range of sites to meet the Housing needs of the Travelling population
  • Could free up Council houses for other families
  • Improve social inclusion and integration

OPPOSE the provision of Gypsy and Traveller Sites in Bournemouth as follows:- (tick those applicable)

  • 10 transit pitches on land off Park Road, Lansdowne (bordering the Wessex Way and public car park off Lansdowne Road).
  • Three residential pitches on green belt land near Erlin Farm, Muscliffe Lane.
  • Five residential pitches on green belt land at Careys Road, off Broadway Lane.
  • Eight residential pitches on green belt land on the edge of urban development at Throop Road, between Woodbury Avenue and the allotments.

On the following grounds:- (complete as required)

1. Green Belt

  • Sites "normally inappropriate development" unless "very special circumstances" exist, but this is
  • Now contrary to Government objectives for "fairness in the planning system"
  • Danger of further development under emerging National Planning Policy Framework "presumption for development"
  • Soft target for additional pitches needed to 2028.

2. Site Access Vehicles/Pedestrians/Disabled

  • Muscliffe Lane/Throop Road less than 3.7m wide with passing places. Careys Road - gravel track.
  • No footpaths or wheelchair access
  • Access via established residential areas. Woodbury Lane unsuitable; Ibbertson Road obstructed; Muscliffe Lane and Careys Road - primary school access areas.
  • Castle Lane overcapacity.
  • ? Capable of mitigation

3. Landscape

  • Throop Road/Careys Road/Erlin Farm - agricultural open field
  • Throop Road elevated
  • ? Capable of mitigation

4. Amenity - Impact ON Adjoining Properties

  • Destruction rural settings
  • Destruction of peaceful setting of adjacent Jewish Cemetery at Careys Lane
  • Loss of green leisure amenity
  • Site obstructs Careys Road - Bournemouth Cycle Network
  • Disturbance and noise from traditional employment goods vehicles
  • Style of Housing not in keeping with area and devaluation of neighbouring properties
  • ? Capable of mitigation

5. Amenity - Impact OF Adjoining Sites

  • Throop Road - caravans adversely affected by 24 hour noise from Castlepoint and Yellow Bus Station
  • ? Capable of mitigation

6. Biodiversity/Protected Species/Important Hedgerow

  • Destruction of Green Belt "wildlife corridor" and a "green lung."
  • All three Residential sites are in, or bordered by Tree Preservation Areas
  • Erlin farm - Important Hedgerows on site
  • ? Capable of mitigation

7. Accessibility to Facilities

  • Erlin Farm/Careys Road - nearest Primary Schools oversubscribed
  • Throop Road - Townsend Primary School closed. Nearest 1.6 miles - oversubscribed/special needs facilities overstretched.

8. Noise

  • Throop Road - caravans adversely affected by 24 hour noise from Castlepoint and Yellow Bus Station
  • Under flight path of Hurn Airport second runway
  • ? Capable of mitigation

9. Conservation Areas

  • Part of Erlin Farm site within conservation Area - no mitigation possible
  • Detrimental to rural setting of Throop and Muccleshell and Holdenhurst East and West Conservation Areas
  • ? Capable of mitigation

10. Availability/Other Land Use Allocations

  • Erlin Farm - not in Council ownership
  • All three sites are in, or bordering on the reservation for the Castle Lane Relief Road

11. Other Comments


Baker report inadequate - Green Belt easy target

  • 14,600 new dwellings in Bournemouth to be completed by 2026 outside of Green Belt. No room for 13 pitches
  • Unfair to place whole of burden in one area

Agricultural Land

  • Erlin Farm - Grade 1 Agricultural Land. Throop Road and Careys Road - Grade 2
  • Erlin Farm/Throop Road productive agricultural land. Careys Road - grazing

12. Suggestions for Alternative Sites

  • Look outside the Green Belt. Small sites within housing developments.

Post to:

  • Gypsy Traveller and Travelling Showpeople Consultation
  • County Hall
  • Dorchester
  • Dorset
  • DT1 1XJ

Consultation ends 10 February 2012

Note: The criteria used by Bakers for this stage 2 assessment, were stated prior to each item and are reproduced below:-

1. Green Belt:

Criteria at stages 1 and 2 - Gypsy and traveller developments are normally "inappropriate development in the Green Belt." For development to take place, "very special circumstances" have to be demonstrated to outweigh the harmful impact.

At stage 3 - ... but harmful effects must be capable of being mitigated

2. Site access Vehicles/Pedestrians/Disabled

Criteria - Stage 2 - Access poor but capable of being improved. Road of adequate or good standard. Likely to be affected by safety issues, but this is capable of mitigation.

3. Landscape

Criteria - stage 2 - Impact capable of mitigation. Potential cumulative impact with other identified sites.

4. Amenity - Impact ON Adjoining Properties

Criteria - stage 2 - Close proximity to existing adjacent uses esp. residential properties, but any potential impact (light, visual, other disturbance) on adjoining uses is capable of mitigation.

5. Impact of Adjoining Sites

Criteria - stage 2 - Close proximity to existing adjacent uses, but any potential impact from these (light, visual, other disturbance) on the site is capable of mitigation.

6. Biodiversity/Protected Species/Important Hedgerow

Criteria - stage 2 - Impact (of site upon ecology or protected species or habitats) capable of mitigation. Potential cumulative impact with other identified sites.

7. Accessibility to Facilities

Actual distances to be measured and sites to be considered at stage 3.

8. Noise

Criteria - stage 2 - Likely to be affected by noise pollution but this is capable of mitigation - noise exposure category B

9. Conservation Areas

Criteria - stage 2 - Adverse impact on a designation but this is capable of mitigation

10. Availability

Criteria - stage 2 - There continues to be doubt over whether the site is genuinely available for Gypsy, traveller or travelling Showpeople use after further investigations

Other Land Use Allocations

Policy Constraint - Policy 8.6 (reservation of the Castle Lane West Relief Road)

11. Agricultural Land

Criteria stage 1 (NOT ASSESSED AT STAGE 2) - Located on higher quality agricultural land (Grades 1, 2 or 3) which should be a lower priority location for development, except where inconsistent with other sustainability considerations.

Statement from Tobias Ellwood M.P.

Tobias paid tribute to the late David Atkinson M.P. who was a dear friend and mentor and devoted 3 decades to this town. When he retired, he stressed one thing to Tobias, "Protect the Green Belt!"

Tobias also noted David Atkinson was the first M.P. to introduce the worry regarding the "Millennium Bug" in Parliament.

He stressed the need for us all to work together with the Council and paid tribute to all the hard work the Councillors are doing. He noted that since Councillors will have to vote on this issue, it is difficult for them to speak out at this time.

Half the problem is the change in legal process. The Regional Spatial Strategy obliged all councils to identify locations, but with the new Government, the RSS was scrapped.

The Council's Core Strategy must have provision for Gypsy and Traveller Sites, but the law now says we must identify sites or make a case not to have them. There is a small possibility we may end up with none, with one caveat. There are Permanent Sites and Transit Sites and when Travellers turn up at Queens Park, etc., we have no way of moving them quickly. We do require one location to move forward if and when that happens, but that is separate to the three Permanent Sites.

Tobias thanked the 1000+ people who have sent petitions to him. They will make it high priority in London and Eric Pickles (Secretary of State, Communities and Local Government) will be aware of the 3 little roads in Bournemouth, as well as Greg Clark (Minister of State (Decentralisation), Communities and Local Government) and Bob Neill (Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Dept. of Communities and Local Government)

For us to make that case, there is the enquiry of the Core Strategy at the beginning of March. The council had to operate under the old law and the Localism Bill is yet to gain Royal Assent. After this, if we wish to, we can amend the Core Strategy and there should be "mutually supportive Development."

In the scale of development, every year, there are 1,000 new dwellings in Bournemouth. It is getting very busy and pressure is right up to the edge of the Green Belt. This scale of development is not so much in other parts of Dorset. We have taken the bulk of development over the last few years and Dorset has not. There should be a quid pro quo. We have seen huge development, now it is up to the rest of Dorset to help us out.

Use the system; mention lizards and bats, keep sending in petitions to Downing Street. Bournemouth does not want this. We are custodians of the Green Belt for future generations.

Item 5 - Residents Question Time

Question 1:

Re: Tobias's caveat. We might be able to assure the government there are no reasonable places, but if we do not have a Transit site, the Police will not be able to direct them anywhere. Does it have to be within the area?


On current legislation it must be all ourselves.

Question 2:

The Criminal Act 1994 requires Councils to have a site within the Borough. Tobias was asked why this has not changed and also, there was to have been a law against Intentional Trespass - where has that gone?


Secretary regrets the first part of her minuted notes on this question is unclear. In view of the importance of this question, she asked for confirmation from Tobias Ellwood MP - response below:-

"There is currently no official answer as to when the Gov guidance will be produced. I will keep on the case and when I hear of something I will let you know."

Feed these issues to Tobias and they can be factored into new guidelines.
If Gypsies and Travellers purchase a field and then move in, they cannot get retrospective planning permission.

Question 3:

Re: Travelling Showpeople - measured in terms of plots. Space is required for the storage and repair of fairground equipment.


(Cllr Smith) If Bournemouth was planning that type of site, you would already know it. These are winter bases and none is proposed here. No new sites are needed - they are already there.

Question 4:

Who will pay? What happens when rubbish and tarmac is dumped. Why don't you charge Travellers? A private person has to pay. I have to pay. Is there a law?


(Cllr Smith) They will be charged. On a Transit Site, they have to have a letter of introduction and they pay for their stay. As with all residential accommodation, those who invest money in building expect to get rental money back. The Bournemouth Churches Housing Association was going to invest previously and will recover costs in rental. It will not be free.

Comment: Cllr Anne Rey paid tribute to the late David Atkinson who was very involved in this issue. What is needed is representation from the Gypsy and Traveller community - David was very near success. This time, there was no representation from the Gypsies and Travellers community. They didn't want a site in Bournemouth - they wanted the country. David very nearly had it there. In 1987 (very large Queens Park encampment) the Police had a job to get them off, but David was instrumental in getting judges to sit at week-ends, etc. They travelled down Christmas Day. Sadly there was a change of Government.

We need to go back to partnership working, with Gypsies and Travellers. We have fantastic Police - if there is a problem they would be there as fast as they could. Anne stated she would like to see a site in the country.

Question 5:

Re: Erlin Farm. How will you get Gypsy and traveller vehicles down there where there are chicanes and bollards? It is dangerous if you are in a car.


Write that on the response forms and send it to Dorchester.

Cllr Whittaker: Robin Shuttler has sent a comprehensive letter to the County Officers and our Officers. He was not consulted by Bakers. If this amount of land is lost, it would make the landholding unviable. He gave thanks to Mike, Ted and Bernard. Erlin Farm can't be widened. Bakers have accepted it should not have been included. Bakers have made flaws, e.g. they did not consult with Highways.

Question 6:

Every journey has a start and end. If we have a site open, how and where will they be accommodated if it only has room for 5 or 8? What happens if they have family visiting e.g. for Christmas.


There is some room on Residential Sites planned in for visiting families, or they could use the Transit Site.

Any site has to go through Planning stages and Forum would want an input.

Statement: Ms Alex De Freitas representing the Save Lansdowne Campaign asked to speak again at this meeting. At the last forum on October 20th 2011, the "Forum Chairman noted that under the rules of the Constitution, non-Forum members were prohibited from speaking unless Forum carried a vote to allow this. A vote was taken and there were no objections to hearing Ms De Freitas." The Forum Chair therefore allowed her to speak briefly at this meeting.

Ms De Freitas stated that when she visited in October, prior to the Consultation, she didn't realise the differences between Temporary and Residential sites. She noted that the proposed Park Road site is visible within 20 metres of where the Red Arrows aircraft was displayed on the St. Pauls roundabout and asked how many people visiting Bournemouth would see it. Was that good for Bournemouth, for you and for the Lansdowne? The Lansdowne site is proposed to accommodate Gypsies and Irish Travellers, who only represent a very small part of the travelling community, whereas the site would affect many residents.

She implored Forum members to not just "Save Our Green Belt," but "Save Our Bournemouth."

Question 8:

(a) Does anyone know how many groups of travellers are moved on? Also, (b) what happens if there are too many for the Transit Site?


(a) Forum Secretary has a previous spread sheet with information on the unauthorised encampments over a few years and will post it on the website. She will also try to obtain up to date information (b) If there are too many for the Transit Site and we do not have an authorised "Temporary Stopping Place," we are back to the same place we are now, with no immediate powers to move them outside the Borough. Statistics show this scenario is unlikely as apart from 1987, the encampments are normally fairly small numbers.

Question 9:

Forum Member felt the Longbarrow Allotments could be at risk if a Gypsy site is built opposite and asked what will the Council do to fortify the Allotments?


Any law breaking would be prosecuted the same as anyone else.

Question 10:

Emphasis on "Traveller." If they are travellers, why do they need permanent Residential Sites? No-one else can build on Green Belt.


The Government has stated its intention of levelling the playing field between Gypsies and the settled community, by removing the word "normally" from before "inappropriate development in the green Belt (Planning for Gypsy and Traveller sites consultation, summer 2011).

Statement: Cllr David Smith. At the end of the day, Councillors have to make decisions. He went to Bristol (along with the Secretary and Council Officers) and the Bristol residential Site was well run, clean and tidy. If, for example, the Throop site were to be built, you wouldn't really know they were there.

Question 11:

If two different types of ethnic groups wanted to use the Transit Site at the same time, what happens?


(Secretary) The ethnic groups will not mix. Secretary will contact the officer at Bristol to see what they do if this situation arises and post the answer on the website.

Note: Cllr Derek Borthwick has subsequently responded to this query Gypsy and Traveller Sites - response from Cllr Borthwick re:question at Forum Meeting 2nd February 2012

Item 6 - Any Other Business

Vice Chair expressed Forum's appreciation of the help received from the late David Atkinson MP, with regards to protecting our local Green Belt, particularly his objections to a proposed Park and Ride site at Riverside Avenue. He also informed the meeting that the Troika Park and Ride plans will run out in May 2012, unless renewed, and that an update on the situation will be placed on the Forum website before then.

Item 7 - Next Forum Meeting - Thursday, 14th June 2012

14th June 2012
7p.m. - 9 p.m.
Performing Arts Centre
Bournemouth School for Girls