Item 1
Update from previous meetings
Future of the Forum
    - Townsend School
    - Gypsy and Traveller Site
    - Throop Mill
    - Castle Lane Road Widening
    - Muscliff Funday
Item 2
Our Threatened Greenbelt
Tobias Ellwood M.P.
Item 3
Fire Safety in the Home
Group Manager Steve Mant Head of Service, Dorset Fire
Item 4
Provision of Comunity Activities for Young People
Rikki Colgate - National Young Achiever of the Year
Item 5
Town Centre Vision
Cllr John Beesley
Item 6
Residents Question Time
Residents are invited to submit questions on local matters
Item 7 Any Other Business - Volunteers are needed to join the Committee
    - Suggest items you would like discussed in Forum
    - Proposed date of next Forum meeting

Dorset Fire & Rescue Service
Home Fire Safety Risk Assessments
Although rare, just a small fire in your home can be devastating and can have tragic consequences.
> Do you have smoke alarms in your home?
> Do you test your smoke alarms weekly?
> Do you change the battery every year?
> Do you have an escape plan?
Dorset Fire & Rescue Service offer FREE home fire risk assessments and FREE smoke alarms.
To make an appointment for your FREE home fire risk assessment please phone 01202 538282 or visit your local fire station.
Remember if a fire starts:

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Item 1
Update from previous meetings

Future of the Forum
Cllr MacLoughlin stated the Council was looking at community engagement in preparation for new legislation in 2009 and the way information is exchanged particularly in view of technology as meetings only attract a small proportion of residents.
Regarding how Forums relate to the council, Article 10 of the council’s Constitution gives Forums a specific role, but why not Neighbourhood Watch groups or residents Associations?
Council wants to make it more flexible and equal and Forums will come out of the Constitution. The difference will be the extent to which the Council uses its money to support Forums.
He suggested Forum may wish to change its name to a residents Association and that Forum Committee will be asked to raise funds.
Townsend School
Cllr Weinhonig:
Council has made the decision to close the School and questions are being asked as to whether community services will be reduced.
Townsend Association has put together a plan to maintain and enhance the site and people are invited to a meeting, Saturday 14th June at 2pm to meet with Councillors and the community and find out what is happening.
He stated the closure was the worst possible scenario as the school has delivered and there has been much pain and suffering.
He asked people to contribute with support and suggestions to full Council.
Handouts of the proposals were available.
Throop Mill
Cllr Whittaker:
It is thought the owners will apply for change of Use, but nothing done yet.
Specialist in milling equipment, Martin Watts submitted his report in February, there has been no response from English Heritage and SPAB the Historic Building inspectors have things to do.
The Council’s section 215 notice has been appealed against and deferred to 18th June. Heygates do not want to do any work because if they can remove the equipment, future tenants will pay for the exterior - suggestions include a craft shop, organic shop or tea rooms. Watch this space.
He also had a supply of books on the last miller by Elizabeth Wood (£2.95).
Castle Lane Road Widening
Statements from Ian Kalra Highways Design Manager, in response to question:

“Forum would be grateful if you could provide a short progress report regarding the ongoing Castle Lane West roadworks, providing details regarding:
1. completion date and cost;
2. pedestrian safety: in area of new junctions at Ibbertson Road, and Leydene Avenue including any planned closure of left turn adjacent to Harvester Pub, replacing railings at existing pedestrian crossings, installing protective fencing adjacent to the northbound Wessex Way slip road, and relocating the 50mph zone sign, at the slip road, further to the north?”


The works are currently on programme to be completed in August as previously publicised. The final surfacing has now been laid to approximately half of the extents of the new carriageway and works on the new dedicated left-turn lane at Cooper Dean junction are well underway.

The construction works, which will cost around £1.2 million, is being largely funded by the developers of the shopping centres at Castle Point and on the site of the former bus depot at Mallard Road as part of the original planning permissions.
With regard to pedestrian and cyclist safety, a new Toucan crossing is being constructed across Castle Lane West to the west of Ibbertson Road junction and the existing Toucan crossings across Castle Lane West near the Harvester pub and across the northbound slip road onto the Wessex Way are being altered. Pedestrian guardrailing will be re-erected at these crossings when alterations have been finalised. In addition an uncontrolled crossing for pedestrian use will be installed across Castle Lane West in a location at the west end of Bournemouth War Memorial Homes. Off-road cycle routes will be provided on both sides of Castle Lane West. Details of all these facilities can be seen on the scheme plan currently on display at Strouden Library.

The point at which the speed limit on the Wessex Way slip road changes from 30mph to 50 mph is being relocated northwards beyond the position of the new bus stop lay-by. The new locations of the 50 mph signs are approximately 90 metres from the former position. The chainlink fencing will be reinstated at the end of the new bus stop lay-by and any additional planting that may be needed in this area will be carried out.

Mr Kalra was further asked:-
“1. Whether or not all the renewed sections of road, including bus-lanes/bus-stops, are being provided with 'quiet' surfacing to reduce traffic noise?
2. Regarding the existing Toucan crossings "being altered", and the left turn adjacent to the Harvester Pub "being slightly amended", are those changes designed to prevent the present dangers whereby vehicles from the Pub go through the Toucan crossing on the red signal, and vehicles turning left into the service road are too close to pedestrians waiting to cross at the Toucan?
3. Will there be a roadside protective metal bar adjacent to the proposed "chain link fence" at the Wessex Way slip road to deflect any out of control vehicles, given that the widened road would be much closer to the adjacent pedestrian/cycle path?”


1. I can confirm that all the new carriageway surfacing will be quiet surfacing to minimise traffic noise.
2. The existing Toucan crossings are being altered to suit the new carriageway widths. I will raise the other comments you make here in the Stage 3 Road Safety Audit (Pre-opening/Newly opened stage).
3. There are no current plans to install protective fencing in this area. This was not an issue raised as a problem when the Stage 2 Road Safety Audit (detailed design stage) was carried out. Not withstanding this I will raise your comments in the Stage 3 Road Safety Audit.
DEFRA Noise maps
Reference was made to the Defra Noise Maps (relating to noise from transport and industry) and that the meeting was told that Noise Maps and details of noise levels in Castle Lane West could be seen on the notice board in the foyer.
Muscliff Funday
Cllr Anne Rey:
Funday will be on Sunday 20th July, 11am to 4pm.
A free day in conjunction with Bournemouth Lions.
There will be 30 stalls (£10 a stall).
There will be refreshments, many activities and AFC Bournemouth is supporting. Information leaflets were made available.
Gypsy and Traveller Sites
Chairman gave a brief history and reported on Examination in Public at which Forum took part in Exeter. Forum explained Bournemouth’s situation and the lack of infrastructure, but was disturbed that the Inspector seemed he would take the undecided future and possible availability of our green belt into consideration. Forum Members will be advised of outcome as soon as possible.
Forum was advised of Council’s feasibility report on prospective sites in Bournemouth and the initial choice of Longham.
Cllr Whittaker commented on Bournemouth’s particular problems of access and the fact that neighbouring properties will be devalued.

Cllr Beesley advised that Sec of State had just announced Bournemouth must supply 12 transit sites, but the Static sites are still undecided at 28.
Council has been fighting and influenced outcome substantially. We have no choice but to do something or the Government will force us.
The public consultation is due to start shortly. Bournemouth is doing all it can.

Question 1:
Isn’t the area selected contaminated?
It is landfilled and tests must be undertaken, particularly for methane gas. There are statutory requirements, Planning, Highways, etc. to be undertaken. Site must have suitable hard standing, showers and toilets and will be managed by external elements.

Question 2:
Define Site and Pitch
A pitch must be big enough for a family unit with caravans and motor vehicles.

Question 3:
What is situation with changing numbers of pitches quoted? 20 to 10 to 12?
Through negotiations we reduced number from 20 to 10, but Secretary of State has come back with 12, subject to the public consultation process.

Item 2
Our Threatened Greenbelt

Tobias Ellwood M.P.
Bournemouth has suffered by overdevelopment (leading to anti-social behaviour, etc.) not matched by investment in infrastructure - situation challenging.
The Town Hall is working hard increasing its scrutiny of development, but the SWRA in Exeter does not follow the same level of scrutiny and the Government distances itself.
In the Regional Spatial Strategy, the Panel is creating a vision as to how many houses are needed in the future, along with the Kate Barker Review. In the proposals to 2026, the South West is required to build 28,500, with 48,000 in Dorset. Bournemouth is required to build 16,000 homes, but this cannot be done unless Bournemouth as we know it goes.
Timetable: Sec of State’s announcement is delayed until July 22nd, the day Parliament goes into recess! After a 12 week consultation, she will announce the final number.
M.Ps have made it clear it is unworkable unless we have the infrastructure, but the Government is not interested in the South West.
We must make a noise and Councillors are standing behind this. Should there be a change of Government, the Regional Spatial Strategy will be thrown out, so we need to delay planning applications for 24 months.
We must force the Government to hear us. The numbers are unfair, unaccountable and wrong.
In addition, 1,500 houses are earmarked for our area causing pressure on the sewage system, leading to problems on the beach. We must be patient for the moment, but be prepared to move.
Cllr Whittaker agreed with Tobias. He and Cllr John Beesley are working closely with Purbeck and East Dorset and they believe the figures will go up as SWRA has declared Throop and Holdenhurst are “not of historic value.”
There is no infrastructure and the relief Road will never be built, but his biggest fear is the eventual figures will be much higher.
Once the 12 week consultation period is over, the builders will be submitting their applications. We need to work jointly to oppose these.

What do we do to help?
We can’t do anything now as it is in the consultation period. We need to stop the traffic and mobilise/get into the national papers. This unitary authority will be squashed in like sardines and we must make Westminster realise.
In the August period, Bournemouth people need to be galvanised. Local M.P.s have had debates in Parliament.
Houses are being knocked down in the North East, but we have no Labour representation down here.

Why are we hit so hard down here.
Panel does not need to be accountable or democratic. Shaftesbury is being denied the ability to build. Local areas are not being allowed to make their own decisions.

Cllr MacLoughlin stated the Government has been negotiating the Local Area Agreement for the next 3 years, including housing targets.
Should he sign and agree to enhanced housing numbers well ahead of the Council’s plans?

What are the penalties for not signing?
Small cash rewards of £500,000 per annum for 3 years. £1.5 million is “peanuts”

Vote: To resist enhanced targets.

Chair: As soon as we must move, Forum will move.

Item 3
Fire Safety in the Home

Group Manager Steve Mant Head of Service, Dorset Fire
Steve Mant reported there had been 8 fire deaths since the beginning of the year, increased from last year. We must be safe in the home.

Role of the Fire and Rescue Service - Training vastly increased, must know all types of fire.
Road Traffic Accidents - more people are rescued than from fires.
Special Services - humanitarian aid, including cats up trees. Chemical incidents.
Flooding - in and out of the county.
Car washing - for charity and at the same time, giving fire safety advice.
Safety Messages - includes a statutory duty to road safety and prevention of road accidents, taking “Safe Drive - Stay Alive” programme out to 6th Form students. Fire Fighters, Police Officers, Victims, Families of Victims.

Home Safety:
Does anyone not have a working smoke alarm?
Do they go off all the time, are the batteries in something else?
They are proven life savers.
Fire investigation is part of his job and 3 out of 5 recent deaths could have been prevented.
Dorset Fire and Rescue is offering to fit free smoke detectors which have a 10 year battery (in a sealed unit). There is sufficient funding for every home in Dorset. They are free, but must be fitted by the Fire Service and residents must have a Home Safety check.
Test these alarms by pushing the whole cover with a broom handle instead of climbing up to push a button.
If activated in error, press cover and it will silence for 10 minutes unless it detects a real fire.
For Deaf and hard of Hearing, there are visual units with strobe lights, vibrating pads to go under pillows and a vibrating pager unit.

75% of fires are from unattended cooking. If you leave cooking to answer the phone, etc., take a timer.

Smoking - don’t smoke in bed or if tired.

Electrical apparatus - over use of sockets explained. Home safety checks identify these.

Escape Plans
Think about the route
Alert other people
If you cannot get out, all get into one room by a window
Have a mobile phone to tell the emergency services where you are
Get Out - Call the Fire Brigade Out - Stay Out

Item 4
Provision of Community Activities for Young People

Rikki Colgate - National Young Achiever of the Year
Rikki explained he was born and bred on Townsend where there was nothing for young people to do, apart from a pointless gazebo being built, which was meant to stop trouble.
He began to get into trouble, but through a Turnaround group, he met Dominic Weir from NACRO who set up a project for NIEETs (not in education, employment or training).
He set up three groups and with something to look forward to, Rikki stopped getting into trouble. Rikki then decided to do something for others and began voluntary work in Townsend, resulting in him going to London, meeting Premiership footballers and learning new things. He runs 2 free football sessions on Mondays and Wednesdays, which are a big success and young people reward them by not being anti-social. NACRO helps with money for kit and professional help. It also brings communities together, i.e. football used to bring together a majority young black community with the majority white community of Townsend.
Racial abuse between kids of 7 - 13 years old was terrible, but with training and tournaments there have been no racist terms for the last year.
Football breaks down barriers.
Also, being community based, Rikki spoke to a 9 year old heavy smoker, using his own experience to influence the youngster, who now does not smoke and attends sessions.
There are two 16 year old volunteers now who are given responsibility for setting up sessions (and further two no longer involved) and he quoted two other life-changing cases, a heroin addict, now clean and helping out and a shy cannabis user who was unemployed and uncomfortable in social situations, who through coaching and NACRO, now has a job. They help with basic skills and confidence. It has had a positive impact on his life, friends and other kids.
He would like to see more scope and more money to encourage sport in general and there is not enough communication, but he has seen the advantages first hand. Leader of the Council was asked to try and find more money.

NACRO Power Point presentation:-

Sport for young people develops fitness, discipline, teamwork, social skills and personal development creating role models for young people.
NACRO is a national crime reduction charity, resettling ex-offenders and prisoners, education and employment, mental health, youth crime, housing, race and criminal justice system.
It is an independent voluntary organisation working to prevent crime. NACRO is dedicated to making society safer - changing lives, reducing crime.
It has unrivalled expertise in developing effective solutions to crime and stimulating fresh thinking on how best to reduce it.
It reduces crime by giving those offenders, those at risk of offending and other marginalized people a positive stake in society.
Focus On Communities Using Sport is a multi agency project involving Dorset Police, Borough of Poole Leisure Services, Youth Services and NACRO.
The scheme has a number of aims which include promoting all our vibrant youth to achieve and generate healthier lifestyles by being healthy and safe, whilst enjoying and achieving in making a positive contribution to the economic wellbeing of every child.
Focus builds stronger community links between young people Police, Youth workers and more importantly the communities where they live.
Tackling Anti-Social Behaviour in areas and encourage our younger population to “be challenged not challenging.”

Item 5
Town Centre Vision

Cllr John Beesley
Planning and preparation for 6 to 8 months - major regeneration for the Town Centre and spreading.
Does not mean only the Town Centre, but will benefit residents from the whole Borough.
Town Centre is important to the whole town’s lifestyle.
Investment in the Centre will being in private investment.

Information packs were distributed. Aim is to plan and revitalise:-
• Shopping - variety and quality
• Vibrant Town Centre
• Competitive
• All weather family facilities to attract residents and families
• Night time economy - not detrimental to the Town
• Housing - utilise facilities above retail units or using land for redevelopment
• Need to get the community back into the Town centre, young families need accommodation
• Infrastructure - public transport. Must plan ahead and it must work for 20 - 30 years.

The Council wants meaningful consultation, with an economy that works.

Item 6
Town Centre Vision

Residents Question Time
Cancellation of 4b bus service evenings and Sundays. Statement from Chairman:-

1) Withdrawal of the 4b in the evenings and Sunday service through Muscliff (as per BH Life).
2) Services up to about 7.30 will be unchanged. It will therefore affect the 8.15, 9.15 and 10.15 from Castlepoint via Muscliffe to Bournemouth and the equivalent return journeys, as well as all of the Sunday services will be withdrawn.
3) The decision took into account the provision of other services to Moordown and Castle Lane which people in the area could use.
4) As you may have seen in the press (show article) the Forum attended the Environment and Economy Scrutiny Panel on the 22nd May where the matter was discussed.
5) We objected to the changes on the basis of lack of consultation with the residents and elected representatives of the area and the detrimental affect it would have on the people at a time when they were being encouraged to use public transport.
6) Also, Councillor Whittaker moved at the meeting that the decision be delayed until after the summer whilst the matter was considered further but the meeting was told the statutory 8 weeks notice had already been given and this was therefore not possible and the service withdrawn on 25th May.
7) The meeting was also told that despite 6 specific operators being asked to tender as well as it being open to other operators only Yellow Busses tendered but at an increase price form £16k to £75K (repeat prices). As the Council has a duty to provide value for money the numbers of passenger using this service did not warrant the increased subsidy required to keep it operating.
8) Subsequently to the meeting I have been in contact with Mr James Duncan (Transport Services Manager) officer responsible for bus service provision and he is willing to consider alternatives (quote his e-mail).
9) The matter is therefore in your hands so please let us have your ideas, at this meeting, or contact either us, the Councillors or Mr Duncan direct (I have his details) after the meeting so that we get the best possible outcome to this matter.
10) There is literature at the rear of the hall which detail the new changes as well as the improved Throop service so please help yourself to these if you wish.

Cllr Whittaker objected there was no consultation with councillors. It is undemocratic and he wants some form of service back into Muscliff. He encourages Forum Members to email James Duncan.

How much will consultants be paid for ideas in the Town Centre Vision?
Cllr Beesley confirmed there will be a budget, but when done it will be 50% Council and 50% Private money, but the council remains in control. Private sector will look to see what is viable.

Car parking in Bournemouth - Council car park = 80p per hour, BCP £2.80 - how is it justified.
NCP is fixed by a higher body. Don’t use NCP.

Townsend School. Is Townsend considered “rural”
Cllr MacLoughlin. Area to north of Townsend is being looked at by Government for 1,500 houses+

Without the school there will not be enough time for Rikki Colgate. Could we create an environment, a first for Britain (to encourage sport)
After the next few weeks, the question as to what is next for the site will be considered. Council would like suggestions.

Throop Mill. Could Cllr Whittaker draft a letter for us all to sign and send off.
The owner is private - we are waiting for SPAB and English Heritage.

Car parking at the Pavilion used to be reduced at 7 pm but now costs £5 for people to attend. Amateur shows are suffering.
Cllr MacLoughlin: Council looks at charges on a regular basis and it supports the revenue budget. We do want a vibrant Town Centre. Review will be done up to February next year - we need to get the balance right.

Will more primary schools close so the Council can get Government money to build new schools?
No plans at present, but will be reviewed as necessary.

Is Townsend School closing to save money?
Cllr MacLoughlin: Quality of education is not good enough. Council was asked is this sustainable and if was not good enough. Best long term outcome had to be considered.
Future of the Forum
Chairman advised Forum we will be objecting to being treated as a Residents Association and being stripped of any funding.
We are not a residents association and do not act as one. We always show both sides of every subject and Committee Members put in many hours of unpaid work, many along side full time jobs and we do not have time for fund raising.
Forum will be making a deputation to Cabinet.

Item 7
Any Other Business

Proposed date of next Forum meeting
2nd October 2008, but an earlier meeting may be necessary.

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