21st March 2013

Anti Social Behaviour Workshop and Housing Workshop and Tenancy Standard Meeting April 2013

21st March 2013

How we deal with Anti Social Behaviour Workshop, followed by Neighbourhoods and Communities Standard Group Meeting.

Tuesday 30th April 2013, 6.30pm at Castlepoint Library

Do you or your friends and neighbours sometimes ask questions and say things like "I have complained about them, the council don't seem to do anything" or "why cant we have CCTV?" or even "I have reported them over and over, why haven't the council thrown them out?" Perhaps you know people who have a problem with neighbours but are scared to call their housing officer as they don't want to be labelled a "Grass". We are holding a workshop, to help our tenants and leaseholders understand the processes we use when cases of anti social behaviour are reported to us. Everyone is welcome, but please contact the Resident Involvement Team to book a place.

How we allocate housing workshop and tenancy standard meeting

Tuesday 17th April 2013, 6.30pm at Castlepoint Library

Everyone who was on the housing register has been asked to re-apply in the last few months, this is because residents were asked who they thought should be considered for housing in Bournemouth. There have always been many myths around who is housed and why some people are housed faster than others, so we thought is was time to hold a workshop, to explain the way the system works and help residents understand a little more about the allocations process and the changes that have been recently put in place. If you would like to come along and find out more, please contact the Resident Involvement Team to book a place.

Both workshops are approximately one hour and will be followed by our regular standard group meetings, which you are welcome to stay for should you wish, or at the end of the workshop please feel free to leave. Castlepoint library is quite central and serviced by many bus routes, we also reimburse any travel expenses incurred, if you have travelled by the most cost effective means available to you. We may be able to help if transport is a real issue for you, in which case please call me on 01202 458314