15th February 2021

BCP Council seeks funding for A338 flyover

BCP Council are seeking funding for the construction of a flyover on the A338 between Riverside Avenue and Holdenhurst Village at the site of the current footbridge. The flyover was given planning permission in 2018 as Phase 2 of the then Conservative-led Bournemouth Borough Council's Wessex Fields plans. The administration argued that it was necessary to address current congestion around Castle Lane East and the Hospital and unlock the area's economic potential. The scheme attracted widespread public opposition, however, with 2000 people signing a petition against plans which they felt would damage both the environmental and cultural heritage of the town, and also serve to increase congestion problems.

Following the first BCP elections in 2018, the Unity Alliance administration stated publicly that they would not support the construction of a flyover. The Conservatives returned to power in October 2020 and have now indicated their intention to reverse this position by applying for funding through the Western Gateway Sub-national Transport Body (WGSTB), a grouping of nine local authorities across the western region. Details can be read in the Strategic Transport Plan 2020-2025

The WGSTB Board is due to meet on 17th March and anyone wishing to make representations on this matter can write to them at: WesternGatewaySTB@westofengland-ca.gov.uk

For more details on how to submit a question or statement, please read Interim guidance for public engagement in virtual meetings