13th May 2010

Bournemouth Council Corporate Plan 2010/11

The Council publishes a Corporate Plan every year. Its purpose is to set out what they are planning to do to deliver stated priorities, and how these actions contribute to the Sustainable Community Strategy themes.

From 2010/11 onwards there will be published 2 editions of the Corporate Plan:

  • The HEADLINE version (out in October) sets out the Council’s ideas and overall plans for the year to come.
  • The FULL version (out in May) contains the actions that will be taken to put these ideas into practice, and includes the Leader’s look back on the year just ended.

Recently released is the final draft of the detailed Corporate Plan for 2010/11, agreed by the Leader and Chief Executive following the full Council meeting on 20th April.

Until Wednesday, 26th May, comments on the document are invited from partners and the public. These comments will be used to help put together the next Corporate Plan for 2011/12. You can view the Corporate Plan, and details of how to make comments, by clicking here.