13th April 2009

“BRASH” Advertising Signs on Footbridge over A338

Forum gave support to Holdenhurst Village Action Group, following a report in the Bournemouth Echo 10 March 2009
"Welcoming approach
Visitors to Bournemouth could soon be getting a warmer welcomed under plans to place message boards at the entrance to the town.
Bournemouth Tourism wants to place advertising hoarding on the A338 footbridge, welcoming inbound motorists to the town and wishing outbound visitors a safe journey home.
Tourism chiefs are also seeking permission for a temporary interchangeable sign which will advertise specific events such as the air festival.
The request will go before the council's planning board next Monday."

Planning Board 16 March 2009

HVAG objected to:
Detrimental to Conservation Area and Green Belt settings - Conservation Officer called it “BRASH”
Would not enhance the character, ambiance or image of Bournemouth as a whole
Sticking some bright blue vinyl to a worn out old footbridge covered in green mould and peeling paint which is subject to a current planning consent and due to be to be knocked down within the next 20 months would not enhance the image of Bournemouth. Council agrees advertising hoardings on the Pier Approach flyover are ugly and hideous, so why should we have such things here?
Overload of signs in a short stretch making a dangerous distraction
Area coincides with smell from sewage works
£13,000 “to start with” for two ugly plastic banners and road closures is a waste of money
Lack of consultation
“Gateway to Bournemouth” needs improvement. Bournemouth has Arts Institute and is renowned for its in-house floral sculptures. Please think again, but a scheme which would not involve closing the A338 for erection and maintenance.
Planning Committee rejected plans on grounds of lack of visual amenity.

Tourism Department has been asked to consult with Forum of any future plans for this site.