28th October 2009

Castle Lane Traffic Light Sequencing

Correspondence sent to Mr Dover Streetworks Manager by TMSTH Area Forum Secretary Wendy Sharp

15th October 2009

Dear Mr Dover

At TMSTH Area Forum Meeting on 28th September 2009, the following question was asked:- (extract from minutes)

Question: Pedestrian crossing to West of Mallard Road/Yeomans Road roundabout. Grand-daughter of Forum Member was nearly killed recently as the crossing is so near to the exit of the roundabout. Motorists coming out of Castlepoint have many traffic lights to negotiate and having finally gone through the last green light on the roundabout itself, they do not have time to register the pedestrian crossing light has gone red, as it is so close. This also applies to vehicles coming out of Mallard Road and turning left.

Could they not be sequenced in conjunction to the pedestrian crossing?

Answer: This question received a large volume of support from all Forum Members. Chairman will follow this up.

Could we please have your comments on this issue?

Thank you

W Sharp



23rd October 2009

Dear Sir

The pedestrian/cycle crossing in question is fitted with directional hoods on both the amber and green signals to prevent see-through problems from other stop-lines. The red signal is not hooded so that it is fully visible as vehicles approach from any direction.

We have CCTV surveillance at the site and I have been observing both vehicular and pedestrian behaviour at the crossing. It was apparent that many pedestrians and cyclists cross the road when they see a break in the traffic and when the vehicular signals are still at green. During my observations no vehicles went through a red light even when there were no pedestrians waiting to cross.

Sequencing the crossing so that it operates when all vehicle streams are at red would result in additional traffic delays which, needless to say, we should try to avoid. If pedestrians are aware that some motorists fail to stop at this red light they should not start to cross until it is obvious that vehicles are stopping - as per Highway Code rules for pedestrians No. 22.

I will request that one of my engineers visits the site to ensure that the red signals are fully visible from all approaches.

Thank you for your interest in this matter.

Martin Dover

Team Leader - Traffic Control and Information Systems

Streetworks Manager

Technical Services