29th April 2010

Development on the Southern Electric Sportsground, Broadway Lane


An application has been made to renew the 2005 planning application for 30 dwellings on part of the Southern electric Sportsground, Broadway Lane. It is anticipated this will be heard at the Planning Board on 20th May 2010.

In 2000, when considering the Local Plan, the government Inspector recommended that 1.4 hectares of the 2.7 ha site could be used for mixed development, the remainder being for recreational purposes.

In the draft agreement of 2005, the application was dependent on the land being leased to the club for 35 years, a sum of £60,000 being given to the club for improvements to the sports ground and a replacement skittle alley and beer store. None of these conditions has been carried out.

The planning Officer confirms that the publicity expiry date was 9th April, but the application is unlikely to be determined until 20 may Planning Board and any comments received prior to the meeting will be taken into account. He notes the application is the same as the previous approval and they will need to take into account any change in circumstances before making a recommendation, but the original approval is a material factor and weight must be given to it.