10th April 2012

Holdenhurst Village Litter Pick

People all over Bournemouth are complaining about the amount of litter thrown down in their streets and the residents of Holdenhurst Village decided to do something about their local area.

On 3rd March, a group of residents cleared the hedgerows between the Village Hall and Throop Road, collecting 20 bags of rubbish and reporting other fly-tipping to the Council, which was removed very promptly.

A spokesman said, "The whole Forum area is very beautiful, but is being ruined by the amount of rubbish accumulating in the roads, parks and on the riverbank. It didn't take us long and the result is brilliant. We will be watching out carefully for anyone fly-tipping in the future."

If you see any fly-tipping, please email the Council at:- enquiries@bournemouth.gov.uk

Holdenhurst Village Litter Pick