16th February 2010 - updated 16th March 2010

Possible Restriction of use of Heavy Goods Vehicles using Yeoman's Road

Short update report of possible restriction of HGVs using Yeomans Road:-

Only one response was received by Councillor Ron Whittaker, following letters to all Residents in Yeomans Road. This Resident stated that he loved living in Yeoman's road and the condition of the road was worth it.

No further action will therefore be taken in this matter.

February 2010


Dear Resident/Landowner,


Yeoman’s Road is an adopted, albeit loose-surfaced public highway. As such it can now be used by any vehicle, whether or not the vehicle is going to or from a house or any other property or land along Yeoman’s Road.

While the Council has undertaken to try to keep the quality of the surface acceptable for local residents and landowners, it is difficult to do so at acceptable cost, especially during the severe weather this winter. I know that some would like the road to be given a proper tarmac surface but it has to be accepted that this cannot be afforded now. Other residents have approached me/us asking that the road be closed entirely to motor traffic at one end. That, too, is very unlikely to be acceptable to all residents and landowners.

The greatest amount of damage done to the present surface is done by heavy vehicles. Yeoman’s Road was constructed in the era of horses and carts and it is frankly unsuitable for the large lorries that use it from time to time in 2010. The quality of the surface could be kept in good condition far longer if the use by heavy vehicles were to be restricted.

As local Councillors, Councillors Anne Rey, Derek Borthwick and I feel that this could perhaps be achieved, without causing too much inconvenience to local residents and landowners, by introducing a weight restriction of (say) 7½ tonnes on Yeoman’s Road near the junction with Throop Road. Such a measure would effectively prevent lorries from making through trips along the length of Yeoman’s Road while still allowing essential access to all premises along its length from the Castlepoint end.

However it needs to be understood that the Council itself cannot enforce this limit now (though it may be able to do so in future if the necessary powers are agreed by Government) so any enforcement would have to be carried out by Dorset Police in amongst their other priorities.

The purpose of this letter, which is being delivered to all premises along Yeoman’s Road north of the roundabout at Chesildene Drive, is to ask for your opinion on this proposal.

Please would you let me know your views, preferably in writing to me at 35 Glenmeadows Drive, Kinson, Bournemouth, BH10 5HQ? If there is anything you would like to discuss, please do telephone me at 01202 575621 or by e-mail at ronald.whittaker@bournemouth.gov.uk. If you would find a meeting to be of value, I will gladly arrange for the Council’s Head of Transportation to come to speak to a meeting of local residents and landowners. Please would you respond even if you have no strong views either way so that I have a clear indication of local opinion? It would be very helpful if you could reply by 28th February 2010.

Yours sincerely,

Councillor Ron Whittaker