24th March 2011

Muscliff Playbuilder March 2011

In October 2010, it was confirmed the Playbuilder Grant had been slashed by around £250,000 to £371,725, with the effect the Council could proceed with some of the ten remaining Year 2 Playbuilder sites and not others.

In response to an email from Cllr Whittaker, on 14th February, Michael Rowland, Parks Policy Manager , confirmed:-

"We have a small amount of funds for play at Muscliff now (approx. £20,000) so we'll be completing a scheme in the next few months based on our scaled down and revised plans. This would cover the cost of a zipline and new basket swing, which were the two favoured options through the consultation.

This was a very well attended consultation. A focus here was to diversify the age range and these pieces of kit would be more appropriate for slightly older groups (although they are both versatile in this sense).

We will stick to the agreed programme that was publicised previously, as we have raised expectation in these areas and all the wards concerned would be perfectly within their rights to presume that improved/new equipment was still due to come their way, despite the adjustments to budgets. There is usually a six week waiting time once orders have been placed, so we would be looking at an installation at roughly the end of March.

We had agreed a new location of the zip line to placate local residents.

I'm afraid I have no funds right now for Epiphany. We are reviewing Section 106 funds in the coming months. If I find that we have additional funds in this area of the town on completion of the review, we will consider a small improvement for Epiphany."

On 16th February, Cllr Whittaker replied:-

"Thank you for your response, am delighted about the basket swing, which one know is great fund to the younger range, my concern will remain about possible anti-social problems late at night with the Zip line, only because that with older lads in the park, as long as the placing of the zip line is located far from the residential properties as previously agreed.

Trust that Epiphany play area will be next on the list as these small play is well used and is in need of upgrading ,more so with any funds from 106."

Forum asked if the facility could it be chained up and opened and closed as is the car park barrier and we were advised this would be reviewed and done if necessary.