26th August 2009

Planning Application - 235 Castle Lane West

Change of Use from Car Sales Showroom to Co-op Food Store

Application No: 7-2009-933-AB

Publicity Dates 22/5/09 to 21/6/09

Location of Development:

235 Castle Lane West

Description of Development:

Change of Use from car showroom to retail (A1) and associated highways works - Resubmission

Decision Date 15/7/09

In pursuance of their powers under the above mentioned Act, The Borough Planning Authority, HEREBY REFUSE PLANNING PERMISSION for the development described in the above application.

Reasons for refusal:-

1. It is considered that the Transportation Assessment has not adequately demonstrated the impacts of the proposed development, particularly with regard to the right turn lane, the free flow of traffic on the County Distributor Route, and the effects of the development on pedestrians, cyclists and other users of the highway. It is therefore considered that the proposed change of use would be unacceptable in terms of traffic safety and convenience and would be contrary to Policies 8.1, 8.14, 8.36, 8.37 & 8.38 of the Bournemouth District Wide Local Plan (February 2002), and to Paragraphs 29, 76 & 79 of PPG13.

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