7th February 2010

Proposal for the Increase in Classes for Muscliff Primary School, Bournemouth

Letter of consultation sent out from the local education authority to all parents / carers in Muscliff on proposals to increase the classes for Muscliff Primary School.

22nd January 2010

Dear Parent/Carer,

Proposal for the increase in classes for Muscliff Primary School

Each year the Local Authority undertakes a statutory consultation process on the admission arrangements in community and voluntary aided schools. In addition it is required to consult on the co-ordinated admission arrangements for all schools within its area.

In addition to the usual consultation for admission arrangements, the Local Authority is wishing to consult on some proposals to increase in September 2011 the admission number at a number of schools due to a significant increase in the forecast number of primary pupils. A number of these proposals will in addition require a separate statutory consultation due to the need to increase the number of the overall size of the school.

Based on current pupil number forecasts, Bournemouth has already taken the decision to put an additional 6.5 Reception classes into primary schools for September 2010 and a further 8 Reception classes in September 2011.

It is proposed to deliver this increase through a mixture of existing and new permanent accommodation, as well as temporary accommodation to allow flexibility around any future changes in pupil numbers. Further information on the background to these proposals was contained within a report presented to the Cabinet of Bournemouth Borough Council on the 18th November 2009.

It can be obtained from Sally Lissenden on 01202 456141 or by e-mail at sally.lissenden@bournemouth.gov.uk.

After initial consultation with Headteachers and Governing Bodies the Local Authority now seeks your views on proposals to increase Muscliff Primary School by 30 places in September 2011.

Your comments should be submitted to:

Felicity Draper

School Admissions Team Leader


Town Hall

Bourne Avenue

Bournemouth BH2 6DY

or by e-mail at catherine.buchanan@bournemouth.gov.uk no later than the 19th February 2010. After consideration of any responses received relating to the Local Authority proposals for Community and VC admission policy and numbers and co-ordinated scheme will be formally determined by Cabinet on 25th March 2010 and subsequently notified to the DCSF.

If the Local Authority does not hear from you by 19th February 2010 it will assume that you do not disagree with any of the proposals and have no comment to make. If you would like to discuss the issues relating to the proposal prior to replying please do not hesitate to contact Felicity Draper on 01202 456193.

Further information can be found by visiting:


Yours faithfully,


School Business Manager