27th April 2010

Raised Rubber Humps - Broadway Lane

For over 13 months, Councillor Ron Whittaker has been raising the question with the Council, of the severe deterioration of the rubber speed humps in Broadway Lane.

In March 2009, a meeting was held with the original manufacturers who offered to inspect all of the sites at which their products were used. Having done so they would prepare a condition report, recommendations for a management regime for the cushions, and suggestions how they could help the Council achieve the necessary action.

The advice was expected to include details of what elements can be reasonably replaced/repaired, what options to use for total replacement and associated construction requirements, and how the remainder should be maintained to extend their useful life in the interim.

After repeated, unsuccessful requests for a copy of the report, on 6th April 2010 an officer from Road Safety confirmed:-

“... Identifying funds in the difficult financial climate has, I believe, been the stumbling block in the interim period.

I am pleased to be able to report the current proposal to allocate some of the new, additional highway maintenance fund that was recently announced, to a replacement programme for the worst effected locations of rubber cushions.

In practice I anticipate my team assisting to carry out the work, because of our normal involvement in capital traffic calming projects. In this event, once funding is confirmed and details of a programme are agreed I will be pleased to give you a further update...”

Councillor Ron Whittaker continued to press the matter, writing:-

“… On the question of the rubber humps, one can witness the bolts protruding through the rubber cushions and due here to the extremely heavy tankers into and out of Berry Hill some of the bolts have been bent over…”

And received a further response:-

“Dear Councillor,

Street Services, in collaboration with Dorset Works Organisation, are embarking on a programme of remedial works to address the issue of deteriorating traffic calming cushions around the borough. The works are scheduled to commence on Monday, 12th April, initially focusing on the Priestley Road / Daws Avenue area, and it is the intention to replace any defective rubber cushions with an asphalt alternative. The works will also incorporate any associated carriageway reinstatement and replacement of road markings where necessary.

Please be assured that any defective cushions within the Throop area will be addressed as part of this programme”

On 9th April, Councillor Ron Whittaker responded:-

“.....One question that I still is not being answered is what happened to those talks with the original manufacturer who had indicated to inspect the sites, and here compensation as surely the life of this material should have lasted many more years, especially with the bolts protruding through the canvas, so are they making a financial contribution to the alternative material, it is.

Larry it is now on the works to replace the defective cushions, you make reference to Asphalt alternative, in Throop over past years many residents have complained endlessly to me about the noise from the 12 wheel tankers once they go over the present humps from Berry Hill.

Today whilst in Throop one such tanker passed me and yes hell what a CLATTER, a rattling noise which as residents have pointed out vibrates through their properties.

So in the case of the THREE RUBBER cushions two on the approach to the mini roundabout, and one just over the mini roundabout by Taylor Drive, could these not be replaced by THE ASPHALTIC MATERIAL, the rest in the village are of a PERMANENT hard material and costly to remove, like wise the rubber cushions in the vicinity of Muscliff primary naturally must be replaced by the suggested alternative as this area like Throop is in the 20 mile zone.

If my suggestion has support would then need to consult with residents, also appreciate a picture of the FORM OF DESIGN AND MATERIAL TO BE USED”.