1st May 2012

Recycling News

Residents can now recycle to big bin, Yoghurt pots, Margarine tubs, Ice cream containers, Meat trays, and Fruit punnets.

Residents are reminded to wash and squash plastic items before they are placed in their recycling bin. This is especially important to remove any food residues.

Plastics will be transported with other recyclables to the Material Recycling Facility (MRF) run by Viridor Waste Management. At the facility, mixed plastics will be sorted by plastic polymer separation technology using near infrared optical sorters and air jets. The separated plastic bottles are then baled and dispatched for reprocessing. Mixed plastic containers are then flaked, washed and sorted and bagged for sale for reprocessing.

Plastic bottles and containers will be given a new lease of life by being recycled into new bottles, fleece fibres for clothing, duvets and pillows or other plastic products such as drainage pipes, garden furniture and decking.

In 2010/2011 Bournemouth residents recycled 63% of their waste, but there is still 10,000 tonnes of recyclable material ending up in the rubbish bin that could be recycled.

In the U.K. we use over 6 billion glass bottles and jars a year. If you wanted to sing '6 billion green bottles hanging on the wall' it would take you 3,500 years to sing.

Information taken from Bournemouth Borough Web Site. May 2012