24th August 2012 - updated 15th October 2012 - updated 24th May 2013

Temporary Bridge over Weir at Throop

24th May 2013

Press Release: New bridge will replace well-used Footbridge

The existing footbridge at Throop weir will be demolished at the end of this month (28 May). It has been closed since last summer, due to its poor condition. The main support beams had deteriorated to an unacceptable level and the safest course of action is to dismantle it.

A temporary crossing has been in place for the last nine months and will continue to be used while the work is taking place.

The construction of a new bridge, on the same site as the old one, will take eight weeks to complete. This project will cost £400,000 and is being funded by Dorset County Council and Bournemouth Borough Council. The Councils are drawing the money from the government funded Local Transport Plan and the Environment Agency are also contributing to the cost.

Cllr Ron Whittaker, said:

"The temporary footbridge has been well-used. We are looking forward to getting the new bridge and we're delighted that it will be wider allowing people using this busy crossing to pass on the bridge."

John Burridge, Chief engineer, bridge management for Dorset County Council, said:

"There may be short periods of disruption to allow for the manoeuvring of construction vehicles, delivery of material and the operation of cranes, but we will try to keep this to a minimum."

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15th October 2012

The temporary bridge is now fully open, alongside is the existing Weir Bridge now closed, plans are being worked on for the new bridge structure by Dorset County Council, which hopefully will be in place next summer, 2013.

Throop Bridges Photos - Existing and Temporary Weir Bridges, October 2012

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24th August 2012

Councillor Whittaker has supplied photographs of the temporary bridge structure over the weir at Throop Mill and he comments,

Click on the PDF icon to view the Temporary Bridge Structure Photos.

"Have been taking regular pictures of the progress of the Temporary Bridge construction, works being undertake by SW, they have worked extremely hard, am impressed.

The picture bottom left is taken yesterday, looks like near completion,

Can I again thank Dorset for the support you have given me on this issue, am aware the need for a permanent replacement in 2014, and pressing our officer in Bournemouth to help from our own LTP as majority of those using the bridge are from the Bournemouth area, and clearly the new bridge does need to be designed as a wider bridge as shown in the options previously circulated,"

Temporary Bridge over Weir at Throop, Bournemouth 1 Temporary Bridge over Weir at Throop, Bournemouth 2