22nd March 2023

The Bournemouth Civic Society needs your help!

Prospects for the Future of Bournemouth Civic Society - PDF

This is an urgent appeal to members and supporters regarding the future of Bournemouth Civic Society.

The Society is in real peril and needs your help if it is not to close.

With several of the current officers leaving the Committee at this year’s AGM and the Chairman now also wishing to stand down from his current role, we urgently repeat our appeal for new members of the Committee to come forward.

We desperately need a Secretary, Minutes Secretary and Newsletter Editor. If new Committee members and officers do not come forward the Society may very well have to trigger the winding up provisions of its constitution, close and transfer its funds to one or more local charities who share our aims and objectives.

This would be a tragedy, especially after celebrating our 50th Anniversary last year, but we could follow in the footsteps of other well established Civic Societies who have had to take this route when faced with too few prepared to take an active part in their running.

If you have any queries or wish to discuss what is involved further, please contact the me or any of the Committee who will be pleased to hear from you.

The Annual General Meeting will take place in Summer and its calling papers and agenda which will be sent out in due course will be driven by the outcome of this most serious call for help.

Please get in touch by 23rd April so we can prepare for this.

Regards, Ken Mantock, Chairman