4th February 2014

Townsend Health Concerns with the Hospital Incinerator

4th February 2014

The Director of Public Health, David Phillips and Mr Sam Crowe of Public Health in Bournemouth Town Hall met residents of Noyce Gardens and Vickers Close Townsend today to address concerns at the high rate of cancer in the area. Also present were two representatives of the Environment Agency. 18 residents and former residents are known to have developed cancer in the last 10 years. The main concern was of emissions from the incinerator at Bournemouth Hospital. Residents reported unpleasant smells, ash covering cars and smuts on washing. The Environment Agency took over the monitoring from Bournemouth Borough Council in 2005. White Rose has a permit for the incinerating of waste and also holds a permit for the destruction of radio-active waste this being waste from hospital radio-therapy departments. The incinerator has a 24/7 monitoring system and it is given spot checks.

The Department of Public Health is going to research the instances of cancer and other diseases in the area and will report back. Apart from the incinerator, the effects of the Spur Road and sewage farm should not be ruled out of the equation.

The Environment Agency is going to produce a report on the incinerator for the council and said that anyone wishing to report air pollution should do so on the 24 hour pollution hot line 0800 807060.

If anyone has further information or know of anyone living or has lived in the area affected and has developed cancer or any respiratory disease could they contact us via this website so we can pass on the information.