2nd July 2012 - updated 5th September 2012

Unauthorised Traveller Encampments
Emergency Phone Numbers

Update - 5th September 2012

Bournemouth Council "Lock-Down" Deters Travellers

Monday Afternoon

  • Single traveller caravan unauthorised encampment at Kings Park Lorry Park.
  • Kings Park locked down immediately and security put in.
  • Borough wide lock down actioned

Monday early evening

  • Repeated attempts made to enter Kings Park in groups of up to 5; all deterred by security.
  • Caravan inside Kings Park asked to leave and was let out through the gates.

Monday evening

  • Attempts made to enter Solent Car Park on the seafront in Southbourne; deterred by height barriers and rocks
  • Forced attempt, using angle grinders, on locked Hengistbury Head entrance road gate; damage being repaired now. Group of up to 20 Caravans. Access not achieved.
  • Some caravans parked up on roadsides in Southbourne.
  • Later, 36 traveller caravans and vehicles gained access onto Twynham School playing fields adjacent Bournemouth’s Tuckton Bridge boundary in Christchurch.

Tuesday morning

  • Information received from Police that S62A powers to be used. Christchurch in Dorset County Council jurisdiction; with capacity at available transit sites in Dorset.
  • Escorted police eviction to rural Dorset (transit site).

Tuesday afternoon

  • Kings Park security and lockdown still in place
  • Recent reports of other smaller groups of travellers sighted in and around Bournemouth.
  • The Twynham group now reported to be settled elsewhere.
  • Please be assured that staff remain vigilant: Excellent response from Dorset Police.

2nd July 2012

E-mail from Gary Josey, Director of Housing Landlord and Parks

Dear Ward Councillors: Kinson North & South, Wallisdown & Winton West, Redhill & Northbourne and Throop & Muscliff.

The unauthorised traveller encampment that arrived at BH Live Pelhams on Sunday (from Duck Lane) is in court next Monday. This group typically move ahead of eviction. If successful in court on Monday we are required to give at least 24 hours notice and also require court bailiff availability to conduct the eviction itself.

Police Intelligence confirms our own view that the group intend to remain in the North Bournemouth Area. Nature Reserves are particularly vulnerable.

Parks staff are currently looking at open space access points in your ward. We may need to reinforce padlock enclosures and enhance bunds or provide more rock deterrents. We would ask that everyone remains vigilant and reports any incidents of unusual behaviour or visible damage to locks immediately. However with sufficient heavy plant access can be forced; we are attempting to provide reasonable resistance as a deterrent.

In normal hours please contact Kayte Budd on 01202 451629. Out of hours or weekend please phone 01202 451145. Both of these numbers can be given to the public.